The 5 Rarest Free Fire Skins!

The 5 rarest skins in Free Fire!

Free Fire, the Battle Royale by Garena is mobile game, available for download on Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphones and which was also the most downloaded in 2019, offers various skins to its players, so they can give wings to their imagination. With these graphic items the characters and weapons get an original and standout tone. These are the five skins most sought after by Free Fire players.


In celebration of the Christmas season, Garena made six dinosaur skins available in December 2018 via the Incubator. It is mainly those who have recently started playing Battle Royale . that are usually among the most permeated. Players had to collect evolution stones and Dino designs, which could be obtained by spinning the roulette wheel, so that you can exchange them at the event store. Each spin, in turn, cost 60 diamonds and five spins, 270.

 There are few accounts that can get six Dino skins due to the need for numerous coins to get them. As an example we have Bruno BlayHard, founder of LOUD, who spent 20,000 diamonds to redeem the items, as he demonstrates in a video on his Youtube channel. These virtual items could be purchased for 30 days. It remains unknown if these skins will return, however Garena sometimes releases Dino skins with a different style and coloring.

Bone Hunter

Released on November 22, 2019 the visual pack was only available for ten days, Free Fire's first skin that evolves after slaughtering the enemy during the match is the Bone Hunter, thus making it very appealing to players of the game. The skin, aimed only at male characters, with details on the armor and displays a light effect after shooting down the opponent.

It could be acquired in the Legendary Royale, which required the player to try his luck by spending diamonds. The greater the expenditure, the greater the chance of securing the rare item, which made obtaining it difficult for those less fortunate players. Due to the fact that it is a recent skin, there is expectation that it will return in the future with new obtainability, by Diamond Royale, Incubator or Shop.

Hip Hop Package

Only on veteran player accounts and obtained on the second Elite Pass, a set of rewards purchased with diamonds, there is the Hip Hop pack which are female and male skins. Released June 2018, being part of part of the pass and could be purchased for 31 days, because they were part of the pass, they are now considered to be rare.

At the time, for 600 diamonds cost and players were still required to complete quests to unlock these skins, as well as other items from the Pass. It is not yet known if the pack will return, however the "Pink Love" female skin has already been made available in events on some servers.

Panda Loli

Panda Loli, dedicated exclusively to female characters, was released on June 20, 2018. It is a permanent skin that was rated rare for being associated with the first items that could be obtained in the Diamond Royale.

To get it, the player, for 80 diamonds each spin, had to spin the MegaLuck for 80 diamonds each spin. Logically, for the more spins he made, the greater the chances of getting the panda look. After the Diamond Royale, the skin still returned to the game in 2019, even after the Diamond Royale and could be obtained with evolution stone, an item considered rare and exclusive.

Angelical Pants

 As one of the unusual and most successful items in Free Fire, there was the Angelical Pants. A black and blue pant with wings printed on the sides. In the first half of 2018 it could be purchased in the game's store via the boxes, but at the time it didn't garner much interest from players. Only after, Free Fire streamers and content creators titled it as rare did players become interested.

 To get it, players had to buy basic spells for 40 diamonds or premium, for 240. To see their chances increased, for 10 diamonds it was possible to buy the lucky stone. All this on the Brazilian server through the Invocar event, which took place between May 19 and 23, 2019.

To get an idea of the interest, in the items, by the players, in the Free Market it is possible to find players trading accounts with the Angelic Pants for high prices. It should be noted that buying and selling accounts is absolutely against the rules established by Garena. One of the other ways to get the Angelic Pants is to get codes distributed by partners or to participate in events in the future.

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