How to Get Beautiful Flowers in Palworld!

How to Get a Beautiful Flower in Palworld!

Find out how to find this rare item in the game!

Bela Flor can be an extremely useful resource in Palworld. The plant can be used to make medicines, the saddle used in the pal Wumpo Botan and even the "Flower Bed" structure, which is much loved by players. So getting the Beautiful Flower in Palworld is essential for the smooth running of the game!

The problem is that this is a very rare item and players may have a hard time finding them on the map. But fear not! To save you from an endless search, we've prepared this guide that will show you where to get the Beautiful Flower! Do you know all the possible ways to get the item or will we surprise you with something new?

How do I get a beautiful flower in Palworld?

You'll have to work up a sweat to get Beautiful Flowers, but as difficult as it may seem, it's not impossible to collect a good number of them. You can use specific pals to help you, look for them in wild life sanctuaries and also grow and collect them in specific areas of the map! Calm down, we'll explain exactly how.

Using specific Pals

Ribbuny could be your best chance of dropping Bela Flor
Ribbuny could be your best chance of dropping Bela Flor

When you capture or kill certain creatures on the map, they can drop important items. There are some pals that, when killed or captured, become an excellent way to get Beautiful Flowers in Palworld.

Petallia, Ribbuny, Wumpo and Lyleen are the pals that have a chance of dropping beautiful flowers for the player when defeated. The only disadvantage of farming Beautiful Flowers in this way is that there is no 100% guarantee that they will be dropped. Therefore, the player must farm, farm and farm until they get what they want. Among the pals mentioned, Ribbuny is the one with the best chances of getting a Flower Beauty in Palworld.

The Shrines

Shrines are a great way to get a beautiful flower in Palworld
Shrines are a great way to get a beautiful flower in Palworld

But the farm of beautiful flowers isn't just about hunting pals. You can also find Beautiful Flowers in Palworld if you visit the Wildlife Sanctuaries on the game map. There are four of them in all, all of which offer the possibility of finding beautiful flowers in their area.

Of all four, Sanctuary number 1 is the best option for getting the Flower Beauty in Palworld. It is located in the Sea Breeze Archipelago and its coordinates on the map are 89, -725. It is a better option than the others due to its accessibility and proximity to Shipwreck Beach.

Growing and collecting

Growing and gathering areas can be accessed by riding flying pals
Growing and gathering areas can be accessed by riding flying pals

If you've already resorted to these methods and are looking for a third way to get Beautiful Flower in Palword, you can resort to growing this very rare plant. The problem is that it can only really be cultivated at very specific points on the map.

The islands near the Sea Breeze Archipelago and the more isolated islands are the best areas in which to cultivate and collect Bela Flor. Accessibility is a little difficult, but can be achieved by riding on flying pals.

How to use Beautiful Flowers in Palworld?

As mentioned earlier, you can use beautiful flowers in a variety of ways. The main one is the preparation of Strange Juice on the medicine bench. This medicine can be prepared with five beautiful flowers, five horns and two friend fluids. Once made, it will make your pals work much faster at a very low SAN cost. It's not recommended that you use Strange Juice very often, but it can be very useful if you need something very urgently.

Collecting beautiful flowers in Palworld will also give you the opportunity to build a Flower Bed, a very important structure for players. This structure itself increases the collection speed of the pals who are helping you at your base. If the aim of your space is to invest in agriculture, the Flower Bed is a structure that you can't do without, so make sure you get a Flower Bed in Palword!

But what about that? Did you manage to understand how to get Bela Flor in Palworld? Share your experience with us in the comments! Take the opportunity to check out our article on how to find Pure Quartz in the game and also take a look at the video below:

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