How to Use Fast Travel in Palworld!

How to use Fast Travel in Palworld!

Find out all about this important feature of the game!

Have you ever tried fast travel in Palworld? One of the things that most attracts attention in the highly successful game released in January 2024 by Pocketpair is the possibility of exploring the gigantic map. However, the same mechanics that attract players can end up discouraging others because of the size of the area to be explored.

But don't worry about that! You won't have to cross the map on foot or just by riding pals if you use a very important feature of the game: fast travel! Want to know how to use fast travel in Palworld and save time on your journey of exploring and capturing pals? Stick with us and we'll explain all about it in this article!

How do I use the Palworld fast track?

You will need to activate statues
You will need to activate statues

If you're a Genshin Impact player, you'll understand at first how to use fast travel. This is because the system for unlocking teleportation is very similar to that of the action role-playing game released by the company Hoyoverse. For example, to be able to move around via teleportation in the game, you'll need to clear specific points which are signposted by statues. Below you can check out the points on the map where you can find eagle statues to unlock:

Location of some statues on the Palworld map
Location of some statues on the Palworld map

These same statues glow an orange hue before the player interacts with them and, after this happens and they become suitable for the player to use fast travel, the statues turn blue. Even if you haven't cleared a specific spot, if you're walking within 300 meters of it, the compass will let you know and then you can head to the area where it is to clear it. But there is a crucial difference between Palworld's fast travel and the teleport system in Genshin Impact.

While in the Hoyoverse game you can use the teleports and statues from anywhere at any time, you can only use fast travel in Palworld if you are already at a teleport point. Once at the location of the eagle statue, a screen will appear for you to select which other statue you want to appear at and that's it! You've managed to use fast travel in Palworld!

Bonus: Tip for efficient fast travel

Its base also serves as a fast travel point
Its base also serves as a fast travel point

Making quick trips in Palworld not only makes life easier for the explorer, but can also be used as a strategy to speed up the game's resources. By freeing a statue, the player will receive a technology point and this point can be used to unlock materials and skills.

It's worth remembering that your base can also function as a fast travel point, so knowing how to locate it well can help you get out of trouble in the future or gain access to hard-to-reach areas on the map. Boss Towers also work in the same way and can come in handy if you need to make a quick trip and aren't that close to either your base or a statue.

Another very valuable tip is to keep in mind that, when you die, you can choose the area where you will be reborn and this can also be used to free up hard-to-reach statues and fast travel in Palworld efficiently. But it's also good to know that the statues will only appear on your map in a gray icon if you've passed near them at some point. If this isn't the case, you'll need to find their location in a guide and follow it after you've been reborn in the selected area.

But what about that? Did you manage to understand how to use fast travel in Palworld? Let us know in the comments! Also check out how to find Bela Flor in the game!

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