What Will My Child Look Like: 12 Apps That Mix Mom and Dad

What Will My Baby Look Like: 12 Apps that Mix Mom and Dad

What will my baby look like? This is a question that many couples who are considering having children together ask. If the curiosity is too great, know that there are apps that can help.

For this app to show you what your child will look like, you usually need to submit a picture of yourself and a picture of your partner. Also, sometimes information is requested about skin color, height, age, and whether your baby will be a boy or a girl.

Based on this data, the respective app creates a photo of your child. Obviously, human genetics is a broad and wide-ranging subject, so even if the metaverse is a viable possibility, perhaps the photo of your baby is not so close to the truth. 

However, before we explore these fascinating applications, there is one crucial point to consider: choosing the right image.

What to consider when Simulating My Child's Photo?

When simulating the photo of your child using apps, it is important to keep in mind that not all genes that the parents have will be visible in the final image. Genetics is a complex process that goes far beyond simply combining two images, so don't expect an absolute truth.

It is important to note that the image used in the simulation can also have a big influence on the results. That is, the choice of the appropriate photo can affect the projected appearance of your child.

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How to Choose the Photo for the Simulation?

To choose the perfect photo to simulate what your child will look like using apps, there are some important tips to consider. First of all, it is recommended to look for a photo that is as natural as possible, avoiding heavy makeup or any kind of photoshop editing. In addition, photos with dyed hair should also be avoided.

Another important aspect is to choose photos where the future parents are facing each other and in similar positions. Clear photos where both parents are looking directly at the camera and with their faces clearly visible are ideal for best simulation results. The similarity in the position of the parents' photos can facilitate the process of joining the images by the application, resulting in sharper and more concise simulations.

Applications List: What will my baby look like?

Although there is no app that can answer the question "What will my child look like" with 100% accuracy, it is worth trying it out and having fun while waiting for the longed-for moment. Read on to find out what will my baby look like?

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One of the most popular apps for predicting your child's appearance is Baby Generator (available for Android and iPhones). This app allows you to get a prediction for female and male offspring at different ages using two pictures. 

You will be redirected to the official page
You will be redirected to the official page

In the free version, you will see the features of your baby or a 10 year old child, as a girl or a boy. In the paid version, you get a preview of your offspring as adults, which is pretty cool.

Baby Marker

Available for a trial period, download it and enjoy it for three days for free! In case you are dying of curiosity, it is best to cancel the subscription immediately to avoid follow-up costs. 

This application creates a picture of your baby based on a photo of you and your partner. On the interface, select the types of skin tone and whether there is Asian descent. 

You will be redirected to the official page
You will be redirected to the official page

Numerous children for each one format. Since only the face is kept sort of being a realistic photo and the rest is displayed in cartoon style, the predictions here look funny and sometimes a bit scary.

Future Baby Marker 

This simple application lets you transform two photos together. So if you choose a photo of yourself and a potential partner, you will get a mix of both. It is the ideal app for thrill-seekers! 

You will be redirected to the official page
You will be redirected to the official page

The whole thing works with photos of both babies and adults. The results are not very realistic, but at least you will get an idea to define your baby's features. It is kind of interesting. 


To be part of our list, we are going to talk about Snapchat which is a social network, but also simulates what your child's face will look like. It is a super versatile application that will give you an amazing experience. Because in addition to simulating your child's face, it also has several filters for you to enjoy.

Snapchat is an application available for all smartphones with Android system and for IOS system users. 

And to get the result is very easy, just start a conversation within the app to play the game together. Then select the "Our Baby" filter and send it to the person who is playing with you.

You will be redirected to the official page
You will be redirected to the official page

You will need to take a photo immediately, and then the application will provide you with the result of what your child's face will look like. And then you can both analyze who your child will be most like in the near future.

It is interesting because the assembly will show which genetic inheritances the baby will have inherited from its parents. 


To wrap things up, let's go with FaceApp, a super-complete app with many features. One of them reveals what your future child's face will look like. This app is available on Android and IOS systems. 

Using the app is very simple, just choose a photo from the gallery with the face of a parent. Then just look for the "Switch Faces" option. Once open, decide whether you want to see the male or female face. Choose one of the options "our son" or "our daughter" and select the desired photo of your partner from your gallery.

You will be redirected to the official page
You will be redirected to the official page

After selecting the photos, it's time to put the application to work. Click on the icon that is a heart and in a few seconds you will have the result with the face of your supposed baby.

Best apps for Android to see what your child will look like

The Google Play app store is full of these apps that are supposed to show you what your child will look like. Here you will find the best free apps. 

Best apps for iOS to know what your child will look like

There are also several applications in the Apple Store that show possibilities for what your child will be like. We have gathered the best free applications. 

In general, free apps are not completely free. As a rule, you agree to the terms and conditions when installing or even grant the app access to your camera, or all your private photos.

What will my child will look like

When nature intervenes - What will my baby look like

Even an app will not be able to answer the million-dollar question. Certainly not based on two photos mixed together. The actual appearance of your baby is much more complex and depends on many genetic factors.

A human being has 46 chromosomes in each cell of the body. The chromosomes in turn contain the genes that are inherited. When a new human being develops, 23 chromosomes come from the mother and 23 chromosomes from the father. 

The genes from the mother and father are shuffled randomly, giving a total of more than eight million possible combinations. 


There are dominant and recessive genes. Dominant genes, for the most part, prevail over recessive genes. Dominant inherited traits include skin with more melanin, dark eyes, or dark curly hair.

So if you have dark hair and your partner has blond hair, it is more likely that your child will have dark hair like yours. Another possible factor is that in your family tree, you have light-haired ancestors. 

In this case, a light hair color prevails.

Coincidence, which plays an important role in the composition of genes, should not be overlooked. This is especially the case with the sex chromosomes, which determine the sex of the baby.

What will my child will look like

Final conclusions about the respective article - What will my baby look like?

Because of the countless possible combinations of the individual genes, it is almost impossible to predict, scientifically, exactly what your baby will look like. 

Then, what will my baby look like? Although internet and technology are constantly advancing, I believe this question applies to the corresponding applications, which in the end are nothing more than an enjoyable and entertaining pastime.  

And for you who currently have no plans to have children, but want more information about apps that mix mom and dad, feel free to check out the following video:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you know who your child will look like?

There is no perfect app, but if you are unsure, there are a few apps that blend parenting and parenting and can be helpful. Among them are Snapchat, Future Baby Marker, Baby Marker, and Baby Generator.

Is there an application that shows what the child of two people would look like?

There is an application called FaceApp that offers unparalleled functionality. This app has a filter that allows you to predict what your child's face will look like through photos of the couple. The best thing is that you can find it for free in your app store for iOS (iPhone) or Android.

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