5 Ways to Earn Coin Master Coins in 2024

5 Ways to Earn Coins on Coin Master in 2024

In Coin Master, you can earn coins without spending real money by completing the tasks listed below. Using these strategies, you will always earn money to invest in your village and keep the game progressing.

Slot machines do not require coin purses

The slot machine from Coin Master serves as the basis. This is the mechanism through which most of the game's activities occur. And one of the symbols that can appear during the spin of a slot machine is a bag of coins.

Money bags add coins to the counter. Complete a full line of machines with only money bags and win the top prize. You can earn over 1 million coins in 50 rounds by upgrading your village.

Defend your own base from attack.

Coins can be won by attacking someone else's base. This can be done through the slot machine. Make sure you recognize Thor's Hammer as the symbol representing the coins.

If you draw the full line with this image, you will be taken to a random village by another player. Alternatively, you can choose a friend's village if you are logged into Facebook when plotting this image.

The attack works by selecting one of the player's buildings and attacking it. An unfortunate attack can present the shield of a building. Earning coins is the only way to earn money. Otherwise, you can earn a good amount of money.

Some buildings grant more money than others. There is no way to predict which building will randomly give you more money - so you will have to rely on luck!

Making an Invasion

In Coin Master, each player has a village they can randomly visit. During an invasion or attack, players collect coins by spinning the slot machine and turning the knob to line up the symbols. After collecting all coins in sight, players go to their village to sneak into the enemy village.

By digging three holes in the ground, you can earn a lot of money. Coins taken from your opponent's deposit can lead to retaliation and even anger; it can even make your opponent chase you with a shovel.

Viewing advertising videos

You can earn coins by watching commercials. Watching ads offers around 15,000 coins or free spins. This is a quick, easy, and free way to earn coins; don't miss this opportunity whenever you can!

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Completing Card Sets

Cards must be placed in sets of three before they can be counted. You acquire cards by buying chests with real money. Although this process seems counterintuitive, it is an integral part of the progression of the game.

Based on the number of sets completed, you will earn rewards when your card collection is complete. This can include bonus rounds in a slot or more coins.

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