Do You Know Why Kakashi Killed Rin In Naruto?

Do you know why Kakashi killed Rin in Naruto?

Naruto has become known for its tragedies and characters with dark pasts. However, there is one ninja who stands out not only for his painful losses, but also for a great mystery - why Kakashi killed Rin in Naruto.

One of his losses that affected him was that of his father, who committed suicide due to the pressure of a failed mission, and the young Rin Nohara, his love crush, who died by the master's own hands. However, the question that most arouses everyone's curiosity is: Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

The kidnapping in the Village of Mist

When Rin and Kakashi were younger, an event happened that changed their lives forever. Their beloved Rin was kidnapped by the ninjas of the Mist Village. What she didn't realize was that she would be the key piece in the plan to destroy the Leaf Village, their home.

Upon learning of her plight, Kakashi began his journey in search of Rin, risking his own life to save her. During this time, Rin transformed into a three-tailed creature against her own will, a host of the Sanbi bijuu.

After all, why did Kakashi kill Rin

After all, why did Kakashi kill Rin
After all, why did Kakashi kill Rin

The real reason behind why Kakashi killed Rin goes back to the evil plan of the Mist Village, which resulted in a cruel fate for the young girl. When the young girl was kidnapped by the Mist Village ninjas, she became a key player in their plans of destruction. As soon as she learned of this terrible plan, Rin tried several times to kill herself to protect the inhabitants of Konoha.

However, the seal on her body prevented her from taking her own life, leaving her trapped in a tragic fate with no escape. Later, during a rather tense battle, Rin made a rather brave decision.

She intentionally positioned herself in front of Kakashi's chidori, her beloved ninja's most devastating attack, receiving a mortal blow to her heart. Thus, Rin Nohara decided to sacrifice her own life to save the inhabitants of her village, becoming a hero in her last act.

The impact of Rin's death on the plot

Rin Nohara's death had a deep and lasting impact on Naruto's plot, causing protagonist Kakashi Hatake to be deeply shaken, carrying the weight of guilt and responsibility for being the person who killed her.

This painful event forged Kakashi's personality, making him more reserved and serious, as well as shaping his convictions as a ninja. Furthermore, Rin's death also had a devastating impact on Obito Uchiha, leaving his unrequited love blinded by anger and despair, believing that the world was unfair and Rin's death was proof of that.

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