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Luffy's Broken Promise That Shook One Piece Fans

Luffy is known for his unquestioning loyalty to his friends and his willingness to face any challenge that comes his way. However, he promised Ace something, but has yet to fulfill it. This promise has become a defining issue in One Piece history. The lack of fulfillment caused a discussion among fans of the series and raised questions about the motivations and challenges he faced throughout his journey in the anime.

Luffy's broken promise to Ace

Luffy's broken promise to Ace

Despite Ace asking him to express his gratitude to Whitebeard's crewmates for loving them, Luffy's broken promise was not fulfilled. Eiichiro Oda revealed that Ace's message was not conveyed to Luffy's crew members in the SBS of volume 68 of the manga.

However, this doesn't seem to be a problem since Whitebeard, Marco and all of Ace's friends are aware of their love for each other. It just so happens that at that very moment, Luffy was grieving the loss of Ace and was in no condition to think rationally. Also, Whitebeard's pirates were far away, so it would be difficult for Luffy to find them.

So it would be illogical for him to have to travel so far to convey a message that was already clear to Marco and the other members of the group. Luffy needed to prioritize his training in order to get stronger and meet his companions again. He had a greater responsibility in his journey and consequently could not fulfill the promise Ace had made.

Even though Ace's request has not been fulfilled, it is important to recognize that he is still fighting for his friends and for the realization of his dream of finding the One Piece. Since you've discovered Luffy's broken promise in One Piece, how about checking it out too? The 15 Biggest Rewards From One Piece!

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