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Who was Tanjiro's father in Demon Slayer?

Who was Tanjiro's father in Demon Slayer? This is a riddle wrapped in mystery, which has aroused great curiosity in the Demon Slayer fan community. Little is known about this crucial character to the story, leaving us with several intriguing questions. How important was Tanjiro's father in the plot? Who was he and how did his presence influence the protagonist?

The search for answers about his identity has been a recurring topic among fans, promoting anxious hope. We're about to unlock that secret, so get ready to find out who Tanjiro's father was and unravel all the mysteries surrounding him.

Who was Tanjiro's father anyway?

Tanjiro's father was called Tanjuro Kamado and he was much more than just a lumberjack. Although he passed away shortly before the beginning of the main story, his presence and teachings had a significant impact on his son's life. It is known that Tanjuro suffered from a mysterious illness, which left him debilitated and bedridden for most of the time, but he was able to get up and talk to Tanjiro when his son was small.

In addition, every year on New Year's Eve, the Tanjuro held the Hinokami KaguraThe Dance of the Sun God. This dance was the basis for Tanjiro to learn the movements of Sun Breathing, a very important technique used by demon hunters. Tanjiro watched his father's movements closely and gained knowledge and skills to use in his own breathing techniques.

Tanjuro also taught a technique called "Transparent World". This technique allows a person to see living things transparently, which helps to predict movements based on changes in the body. In addition to the teachings, Tanjiro has fond memories of his father, a gentle and fragile man. Even in poor health, he could dance the night away without showing any sign of fatigue.

Their legacy and influence on the plot

Who was Tanjiro's father?
Who was Tanjiro's father?

Tanjiro's father left an incredible legacy, not only by being skilled in Sun Breathing, but also by being a devoted father and passing on his knowledge and values to his son. Tanjuro's influence on the Demon Slayer anime is evident through the bond between father and son, which shaped Tanjiro into a fearless and determined demon hunter.

Although the Kamado are not a family of demon hunters by nature, the powerful Sun Breathing technique has been passed down from generation to generation among them. The origin of this tradition goes back to Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the first demon hunter and close friend of Sumiyoshi Kamado, an ancestor of Tanjiro. Impressed by Yoriichi's movements, Sumiyoshi decided to preserve these techniques as a dance, known as Hinokami Kagura, as a way to honor his friend's legacy.

Thus, the Sun Breathing technique remained in the Kamado Family for over 100 years and played a key role in the central story of the plot. Now that you've found out who Tanjiro's father was, how about checking it out too? All about the Character Tanjiro! To learn more about who Tanjiro's father was, check out the video below:

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