Who Would Win Naruto Or Goku: The Final Battle!

Who Would Win Naruto or Goku: The Final Battle!

Have you ever wondered who would win Naruto or Goku in a battle? The grandeur of the epic clash between anime icons Naruto and Goku is unparalleled, transcending borders and winning hearts on an exponential scale. The height of these characters' popularity is unparalleled, driven by their relentless desires and steadfast determination to become great warriors.

Naruto, a genuine carrier of inner strength, has walked a journey filled with obstacles, shaped by the relentless pursuit of recognition and acceptance. His arduous training and constant dedication led him to mastery of the shinobi arts, channeling his unique abilities and formidable energy.

On the other hand, Goku, with his warrior essence of extraterrestrial descent, is a cosmic force to be reckoned with. He constantly strives to surpass his limits, dedicating himself deeply to training and honing his innate abilities to the maximum, always seeking constant evolution.

Who would win Naruto or Goku?

In this article, we will dive into a unique reflection on the possibility of a definitive clash between these titans, each representing distinct universes of battle and conviction. It will be a thorough analysis, in which we reveal the nuances that could define the outcome of this confrontation.

1. Skills of both

Naruto, in addition to possessing powerful skills and jutsus, is a Jichuuriki of the Biju Kyuubi. Because of the Biju that resides in his body, Naruto has access to vast and almost unfathomable amounts of chakra, and it is this additional reserve that gives him abilities that a Genin at his age would likely not possess.

When Naruto uses Kurama's chakra, we see that his body is enveloped in a thunderous energy and that colored numbers ranging from 1 to 9 appear around him. His power increases with the number of tails.

While Goku is a Saiyan warrior who, over the course of battles, undergoes numerous physical changes that increasingly enhance his power. Each of these transformations gives the hero extra strength and speed, as well as a different level of control.

It is important to keep in mind when comparing who would win Naruto or Goku, that the skills of these warriors only tend to increase over time, if they continue to be trained regularly, as in the case of Goku.

2. Cloak of the beast vs Super Saiyajin

Who Would Win Naruto or Goku: The Final Battle!
4-tailed cloak vs. SSJ 2

Unfortunately, Naruto lost in the first round of who would win Naruto or Goku in a battle. This is because, despite gaining great power, he loses all sense of reason, and, as seen in the anime, the boy ends up harming even his friends and allies, as occurred with Sakura when he ended up hurting her in the four form of the nine tails. 

As he loses control of his actions and sanity and turns into a beast, as the name of the transformation suggests, he could easily lose the battle to Goku. However, in this form, the Super Saiyan has expanded his powers considerably and if he continues to act rationally, he will win, as he has managed to devise a plan to defeat the feral. Remember that Goku's transformation into Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 is being analyzed in this thread.

3. Super Saiyajin 3 versus Sennin Mode

Who Would Win Naruto or Goku: The Final Battle!
Sannin mode vs SSJ 3

In this form, Naruto again has the upper hand because the boy now has control over his actions and awareness over his actions. In addition, the ninja works by combining elements of the Kyuubi chakra with his own chakra, while at the same time drawing energy from the natural world. The removal of this chakra from nature allows its user to activate the so-called "Sannin Mode", which exponentially increases his strength and control in ninjutsu, taijutsu or genjutsu.

In contrast, Goku gains greater stratospheric power in Super Saiyajin 3 form, but this transformation uses a lot of her Ki to maintain for long periods of time. Because of this, we only see a small amount of it over the course of the anime. And in this round of who would win Naruto or Goku, the mighty Saiyajin could be in serious trouble if he decides to continue the battle.

4. God Super Saiyajin vs. Kurama Chakra Mode

In this third contest of who would win Naruto or Goku, Naruto not only has control over his body but also almost unlimited access to Kurama's chakra. He also manages to cast the renowned Rasenshuriken in this scene without suffering any physical consequences or losing his fighting effectiveness.

With this transformation, Goku reaches an unfathomable level of power worthy of a deity, thus retaining the name Super Saiyan God. In addition to possessing the ability to fly and having enough power to obliterate a planet.

Another thing against Goku is that he is used to fighting opponents with the same level of destructive power. As such, Goku would triumph in a quick and decisive fight. However, Naruto may have an advantage if he turns this fight into a fight against the resistance.

5. Super Saiyajin Blue vs Naruto's Barion Mode

Who Would Win Naruto or Goku: The Final Battle!
Last transformation

In the anime Boruto, we saw Naruto using Baryon Mode to be able to confront a Otsutsuki alone. Naruto and the Biju come together in this way to create unique chakra that terms of comparison could easily assimilate to a "nuclear power plant". 

With this, the protagonist's power level increases greatly and as a result, he triumphs in battle in the anime. On the other hand, he can only maintain this form for a brief period and can only employ this mode once.

However, Goku succeeds in the opposite way because he now has better control over his God Mode and a variety of new techniques at this stage, including Ultra Instinct, the highest power level the character has ever achieved. Moving on, who would win Naruto or Goku, in current forms, Goku would not face many obstacles to completion.

Finally, who would win Naruto or Goku?

Goku has the advantage and would probably win in hand-to-hand battles. The ninja would probably have a good chance of winning in fights with greater stamina and with Naruto having full control of his actions.

Because Naruto has large chakra reserves, he is able to maintain his power for longer. As a result, Goku's explosive power would gradually decrease as the battle progressed because his transformations normally demand a lot from his physical and mental strength.

In short, if it were a quick battle Goku would easily take this fight, on the other hand, in a long-lasting battle Naruto would take the best. And this was a little about who would win Naruto or Goku, in addition to showing their weaknesses and strengths. Read also Why did Kakashi kill Rin in Naruto? 

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