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How to Earn Free Diamonds in Free Fire With Application!


In this article we will reveal to our readers how to unlock any item in Free Fire, be it Diamonds, Emotes, Angelical Pants, Magic Cube, and others. So if you put all these tips into practice, you'll be able to get gemadon. I'm sure you don't want to be left out haha!

The methods to get many diamonds in Free Fire involve apps, but don't worry because all the ones we will talk about in this article, are available in your app store for both Android and iOS. So come along and check out all the tips!

What are these applications anyway?

Have you ever heard of applications that allow you to earn money through your cell phone? Well the ones we are going to talk about in this article can help you in that way, not through money directly but you will understand. These apps give rewards to their users for completing tasks within the app itself, meaning that you earn coins from the app itself in your account.

Once this balance reaches the minimum amount that each app requires, you can withdraw it by exchanging the coins from the app for a gift card! Also, if you do not intend to spend in the app stores you have the option to withdraw via Paypal.

But it is important to remember that nothing is easy, these applications will not make you rich or give you money so easily, you will need to spend some of your time dedicating and fulfilling all the tasks asked of you!

Where can I find the apps?

  • First, let's drop some of them for Android and iOS for you to download:

Google Opinion Rewards

You will be redirected to the official page
You will be redirected to the official page

Make Money

You will be redirected to the official page
You will be redirected to the official page


You will be redirected to the official page

So once you have chosen the app, open it up for you to create your account. Upon logging in you will find that there are a few different ways you can earn coins.

One of the most popular ways is to answer short polls, log in daily, play a game, or just mess around within the app. The second way is through invitations, that is, the more friends you invite into the app with your codeThe more coins you will earn if the people you have invited join and register.

How can I make the withdrawal?

Just go to the payment tab and ask for payment, all the applications mentioned above have good ratings from their users and have all the information well explained so that no mistakes happen.

There is also the code system

This is the best known method within the Free Fire community, the code system that was created by Garena itself, where players redeem rewards with the famous codiguins.

Codiguins are codes that are designed to redeem anything from Elite Passes, Magic Cube, Emotes, or even diamonds in your Free Fire account. But there are two official sites where you can redeem these items, Rewards FF and Reload Game.

As we Rede Ardente are very grateful for all the support from you, we will leave you a list of some codes that work, remembering that we are updating this list frequently.

FF Rewards Codes OPEN

  • W86TTJ8W0PBA
  • 5K179MKWP7YC

Reload Game Codes OPEN

  • 65090133370074918372
  • 18026035634504836413
  • 70436919726832723056
  • 65748736073455715953
  • 24443105078158210922
You will be redirected to the Free Fire Mania website

I hope you enjoyed the tips mentioned in this article, if you have any questions leave them below in the comments, we will answer them as soon as possible! You can also contact us through our official social networks.

Remember that each code can only be used once, but don't worry because the codes in this article will be updated frequently, so stay tuned and share with your friends.

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