The Best Cost-Effective Keyboards For Gamers

The Best Cost-Effective Keyboards For Gamers

We know that many of our readers want to buy a good keyboard for gaming, but do not have enough information.
Today we decided to present you the best cheap gaming keyboards!
This post contains mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards.

1- Corsair K55 RGB

This keyboard is for those who want a good membrane keyboard and for those who don't have a lot of money to spend.
However, it is not the best keyboard for professional gamers!
Let's go to the product description:

  • 10 RGB lighting modes;
  • Quiet and responsive keys;
  • Layout PT;
  • Multimedia and volume controls for dicates;
  • 6 configurable macro keys;
  • Removable rubber arm rest;
  • 1ms response time;
  • Weight: 822g;
  • Dimensions: 480.2 mm x 166.3 mm x 34.6 mm.
    Price starting at: 59,90€

2- 1Life gkb:mekan RGB TKL X Blue

1Life gkb:mekan is the best cost-effective keyboard since it is mechanical and very cheap!
It features an amazing design, spectacular material, and a size that will take up very little space on your desk.
However, if you don't like keyboards without the numberpad you can buy the version with it.

  • 9 RGB lighting modes;
  • Mechanical blue switch;
  • Shortcuts to multimedia playback and system functions;
  • WASD mode;
  • Adjustable height;
  • Anti-ghosting on 26 keys;
  • Dimensions: 355 mm x 135 mm x 20 mm;
  • Weight: 600g;
  • Connection: USB;
  • Cable: 1.5m.
    Price starting at: 29,20

3- Ducky One 2 SF White

If you are looking for a keyboard for professional gaming, this is the one for you!
Ducky One 2 SF is extremely compact, elegant, and responsive.
With your Cherry MX you can click on a single key approximately 50 MILLION TIMES! Still, you will not be able to hammer the keyboard.

  • Fully customizable lighting;
  • Layout PT;
  • Switches: Cherry MX mechanical switches;
  • Connection: USB 2.0;
  • Material: Laser-engraved ABS. Extra PBT keycaps;
  • Dimensions: 325 mm x 108 mm x 40 mm;
  • Weight: 635g;
  • Detachable USB Type-C.
    Price starting at: 114,90€

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4- Razer Blackwidow Elite

Razer's most famous and beloved, the Blackwidow.
One of the most loved by all Razer users, this amazing keyboard has the duration of 80 MILLION CLICKS in one key.
Great for all kinds of players!

  • Layout PT;
  • Mechanical switches from Razer;
  • All keys can be macro keys;
  • 16.8 million colors illumination;
  • Wrist rest;
  • Audio and USB 2.0 pass through;
  • Anti-ghosting;
  • Ultrapolling of 1000Hz;
  • Superior military-grade metal construction;
  • Instantaneous trigger technology.
    Price starting at: 159,90€

5- HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

Yes, another compact and cheap keyboard, yet very good!
Spectacular keyboard for those who want to take a FPS game to a more professional side!
HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is one of the best mechanical keyboards out there and thanks to its Cherry MX Red, its click is very quiet and lasts 50 MILLIONS OF CLICKS!
It includes a very elegant and discreet design.

  • Solid steel structure;
  • USB port for charging your smartphone;
  • Switch Cherry MX Red;
  • Six preset LED modes;
  • Unique color lighting: Red;
  • Layout US;
  • 100% Anti-ghosting;
  • Removable 1.8-meter long cable;
  • Polling rate 1.000Hz.
    Price starting at: 79,90€

I hope I have helped you with these amazing and cost-effective keyboards!

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