12 Romance Movies to Make You Cry and Move

12 Romance Movies to Cry and Get Emotional

Romance movies for crying are known to provide an intense emotional experience and often bring viewers to tears. For those looking for a good romantic drama, there are several options available.

The list includes several titles, from classics to more recent productions, that address themes of love, loss, overcoming, and redemption. Each tear-jerker romance film has its own captivating story and memorable characters that hold the viewer's attention from beginning to end.

Whether to watch alone or in company, these tear-jerker romance movies are perfect for those seeking an exciting and unforgettable experience. In this article we will present 12 romantic movies to cry over that promise to thrill the public.

How I Was Before You (2016)

Get ready to embark on a journey of intense emotions with How I Was Before You, one of the most touching romance movies to cry over. Released in 2016, the film takes us on a journey of love, overcoming and exciting discoveries. With a gripping story and captivating performances, this story makes us reflect on the importance of enjoying every moment of life.

At the center of the narrative are Will Traynor, played by Sam Claflin, and Louisa Clark, played by Emilia Clarke. Will was successful and full of life until an accident left him quadriplegic. Louisa is hired as his caregiver, and over time the two develop a unique connection.

As Will and Louisa spend more time together, an unexpected and intense love story emerges between them. However, the trajectory of this relationship is marked by emotional challenges and complex conflicts, as Will has personal plans for the future.

It Just Happens (2014)

Simply Happens is a 2014 film directed by Christian Ditter. The film is based on the book of the same name by British author Cecelia Ahern. The story follows the lives of Rosie and Alex, childhood friends who become separated when Alex moves to the United States. Over the years, they keep in touch through letters and e-mails, but there is always something that keeps them from being together.

In addition to these two movies, there are other suggestions for romance movies to cry over, such as The Fault in the Stars, It Just Happens, and A Matter of Time. These movies are just a few options that are sure to thrill audiences. I hope this list will help you find the romance movies to cry about that you are looking for!

The Best of Me (2014)

Have you ever imagined reuniting with an old love after 20 years, in one of those tear-jerking romance movies? The movie The Best of Me, released in 2014 and based on the book of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, tells a touching story of this style between Amanda and Dawson.

Separated by fate and the disapproval of Amanda's father, they go their separate ways. However, a tragic funeral brings them back to their hometown, rekindling dormant feelings.

The film belongs to the genre of drama and romance and has a running time of approximately 118 minutes. Although it is based on a book by Sparks, the film has some differences from the literary work, but maintains a well-developed narrative and captivating characters.

Guilt is the Stars (2014)

Guilt is the Stars is a 2014 movie based on the book by John Green. The story tells the life of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, two teenagers facing a battle with cancer, this cinematic work is a roller coaster of intense feelings.

Hazel Grace, played by Shailene Woodley, is an intelligent and insightful young woman who faces the daily challenges of her illness, just like in the romance movies to cry. Augustus Waters, played by Ansel Elgort, is a charismatic and courageous young man who wins Hazel's heart during a meeting at a support group for cancer patients.

The relationship between Hazel and Augustus emerges in the midst of the uncertainties and difficulties they both face. Together, they embark on a journey with remarkable moments, personal discoveries, and a deep and sincere love.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

What secret hides in the life of Walter Mitty? Who is this man who lives a monotonous existence but dreams of adventures in tear-jerking romance movies? Intriguing and inspiring, the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, released in 2013, unravels the story of a peculiar character: Walter Mitty.

Walter, played by Ben Stiller, is responsible for the photo archiving and developing department at the traditional Life magazine. However, everything changes when he receives a package containing negatives from renowned photographer Sean O'Connell, played by Sean Penn.

While examining the negatives, Walter realizes that one photo is missing, and this photo is precisely the one chosen to be the cover of the magazine's latest issue.

Question of Time (2013)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could travel back in time? What if you could go back and retrace important moments in your life? The premise is fascinating from the movie A Matter of Time, released in 2013. It is one of those tear-jerker romance movies that make us reflect on time and the choices we make in life.

A Matter of Time introduces Tim Lake, a young man with an extraordinary gift: the ability to travel through time. But instead of using this power for grandiose purposes or historical change, Tim decides to focus on something closer to his heart: winning the love of his existence, Mary.

Tim, through his time travels, aims to perfect the moments with Mary, adjusting the details and avoiding previous mistakes. However, as in every fascinating story, not everything goes as planned. The film makes us question the consequences and challenges that arise when we manipulate time to achieve happiness.

The Good Side of Life (2012)

What happens when life loses its way and hope seems to vanish? How do you find your way back to happiness and the rediscovery of self-love? In the acclaimed 2012 film, 'The Good Side of Life', directed by David O. Russell, we are introduced to Pat Solitano (played by Bradley Cooper), a man who returns to his parents' home after spending eight months in a psychiatric institution.

Pat is a man who has lost almost everything in his life, including his home, job, and marriage, due to some wrong attitudes. There he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a young widow who also has emotional problems. Together, they try to overcome their problems and find happiness.

The film addresses sensitive themes related to mental health, human relationships, and resilience. The cast's acting is excellent, the plot is engaging, and the mix of humor and drama is balanced, falling into the category of tear-jerking romance films with its captivating plot and sensitive themes.

Always by Your Side (2009)

Have you ever wondered about the unwavering loyalty of a pet? Imagine a dog that, every day, accompanies its owner to the train station and waits patiently for him to return home from work. This is the fascinating and heartwarming story of Always by Your Side, a 2009 film based on true events.

Over time, a deep bond forms between Parker and Hachiko, and they become inseparable. However, when the puppy's owner passes away unexpectedly, he continues to go to the station every day, waiting for his owner.

Hachiko's story of loyalty and unconditional love has caused a stir among diverse audiences, making it one of the most acclaimed tear-jerker romance films that moves us and values the loyalty and pure love of animals.

P.S. I Love You (2007)

Released in 2007, P.S. I Love You is a film that won the hearts of viewers with its heartwarming story. The plot revolves around Holly Kennedy, a woman who is devastated after losing her husband, Gerry, to cancer. However, to help her through her grief, Gerry leaves Holly a series of letters.

Each letter contains a message of love and guidance, to be read at certain moments in Holly's life, like the best tear-jerker romance movies. By following Gerry's instructions, Holly embarks on a journey of self-discovery, learning how to cope with loss and find happiness again. With a mix of drama and romance, the film, directed by Richard LaGravenese, offers a captivating and moving story about the power of love and overcoming.

Diary of a Passion (2004)

Enjoy being involved in a love story that spans decades and leaves a trail. The Notebook, adapted from the book of the same name by Nicholas Sparks and released in 2004, is a film that transports us on a romantic journey filled with challenges and deep emotions.

At the center of the plot are Noah and Allie, whose love transcends the barriers imposed by time and society. Set in the 1940s, the film portrays the intense and unpredictable connection that forms between these two endearing characters, passionately played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

With a gripping story of romance movies to weep over, Diary of a Passion captures the essence of true love and the struggle to keep it alive.

A Love to Remember (2002)

Get ready to immerse yourself in a love story that transcends social barriers and touches even the most hardened hearts. A Love to Remember, released in 2002, is one of the most acclaimed tear-jerker romance films and has left a deep mark on the world of romantic movies.

What makes the romance film so moving is how it portrays the transformation of the characters and the challenges they face together. As Landon and Jamie's relationship deepens, they discover the true strength of love and learn important lessons about empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.

In addition to the compelling narrative, the film also stands out for its emotional soundtrack. The songs, such as "Only Hope" and "Cry" performed by Mandy Moore, perfectly complement the scenes, intensifying the emotional charge and making the tears flow.

My First Love (1991)

Imagine an 11-year-old girl whose mind is full of questions about loneliness. Her name is Vada and she is one of the main characters in My First Love, a touching film released in 1991.

During the summer, Vada enrolls in a poetry course to impress Jake Bixler, her beloved English instructor. She, at the same time, maintains a close relationship with Thomas J. Sennett, a young man who is allergic to practically everything.

Harry's decision to hire Shelly DeVoto, a makeup artist for funerals, leads to a complicated scenario where he falls in love with her. This leaves Vada, a young woman, with fear and uncertainty. It is a work that combines excitement and fun, portraying the discoveries of love in a young girl's life. For those who enjoy tear-jerking romance movies, this is an ideal choice.

Weeping Romance Movies: Which one is the most exciting?

Weeping Romance Movies: Which one is the most exciting?
Weeping Romance Movies: Which one is the most exciting?

There is no romance movie to cry the most, because the emotion that a movie arouses is deeply subjective and depends on the tastes and particularities of each person. What may touch the heart of one individual may leave another completely indifferent. Some may prefer epic stories of forbidden love, while others are enchanted by lighter and more entertaining tales.

Now that you know the list of the best romance movies to cry, how about checking them out? 11 Heaviest Horror Movies? And, to learn more about romance movies for crying, check out the following video:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best current tear-jerker romance movies?

The best current romance movies are those that can touch the heart and make the tears roll. Some of the most popular movies today include "The Fault in the Stars," "My Eternal Maybe," and "The Kissing Shack.

What is the most exciting romance movie on Netflix?

The most exciting romance movie on Netflix is a matter of opinion, but some of the most popular movies include "To All the Boys I've Ever Loved," "The Perfect Date," and "Five Steps Away from You."

What are the saddest romance movies to watch?

Some of the saddest romance movies to watch include "P.S. I Love You," "A Love to Remember," and "The Notebook. These movies are known for making audiences cry and get emotional.

What are the best romance movies to cry about on Prime Video?

Some of the best romance movies to cry at Prime Video include "It Just Happens," "How I Was Before You," and "Life Itself."

What is the best romance and drama movie to watch?

The best romance and drama movie to watch is a matter of opinion, but some of the most popular movies include "The Good Side of Life," "Brooklyn," and "La La Land."

What are the most exciting and inspiring romance movies?

Some of the most exciting and inspiring romance movies include "The Fabulous Fate of Amélie Poulain," "500 Days with Her," and "Before Sunrise. These films are known to touch the heart and inspire audiences.

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