The Strongest Hashiras of Kimetsu No Yaiba: Unraveling the Elite

The Strongest Hashiras of Kimetsu No Yaiba: Unmasking the Elite

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba we have the existence of demons and demon slayers, the so-called Demon Slayer Corps. It is in this group that we are introduced to the elite of the slayers, the Hashiras! The team consists of 7 members, but do you know who are the strongest Hashiras in the anime?

They have great skills developed through hard training, and are masters and the best users of their respective Breath. We want you to know the strongest Hashiras, taking into account not only their skills, but also their personalities and stories. That's why we're going to rank them in a list from weakest to strongest. Let's find out more about these heroes from Kimetsu no Yaiba?

How to define the strongest Hashiras?

It is important to take the performance of each of these characters as a criterion, considering the power of the enemies they faced, whether they fought alone or received help, as well as the power level of their own Breath and other abilities. Not forgetting, of course, the Demon Slayer Mark, a fundamental element among the most powerful Demon Slayer Corp hunters. Criteria established, let's get to the list of the strongest Hashiras?

9th - Shinobu Kocho, Insect Hashira

Stronger Hashiras
Shinobu, Insect Hashira

Shinobu is a sweetheart, always concerned about her Butterfly Mansion girls and the recovery of those who end up there. She was very close to her master, the former Hashira, until she passed away and Shinobu took over, becoming the new Hashira of the Bugs. As a way to carry her sensei with her, she wears the same butterfly-shaped hair clip as her kimono.

As for her abilities, Shinobu isn't very strong, she can't even apply enough force to decapitate an Oni with her blows and she hasn't awakened the Mark of the Hunter. This leaves her steps behind her teammates, being last among the strongest Hashiras, but she has learned to handle poisons masterfully and has developed a speed above normal. These points make her a Hashira, but unfortunately not among the most outstanding.

8th - Tengen Uzui - Hashira of Sound

Tengen Uzui, Hashira of Sound
Tengen Uzui, Hashira of Sound

Tengen Uzui, a former shinobi who left his ninja life and family behind after suffering a lot in his childhood - with the arduous training - and after seeing his beloved brothers die, one by one. But he didn't let his skills go and was eventually recruited into the Demon Slayer Corps, rising to the rank of Hashira of the Sound. Uzui is quite entertaining, humorous and cocky, but he also knows how to look menacing when facing an opponent.

His abilities are incredible, mastering the Breath of Sound, as well as having physical stature and combat capabilities that are beyond human. For example, Tengen is the only Hashira to have faced a Muzan Highmoon without his Callador Mark and still come out alive! He only ranks eighth among the strongest Hashiras because he faced Upper Moon 6 - the weakest of them all - and ended up getting help from Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu and Inosuke.

7º- Kyojuro Rengoku - Flame Hashira

Kyojuro Rengoku, Flame Hashira
Kyojuro Rengoku, Flame Hashira

Rengoku had very little screen time to shine, but one arc was enough for him to make a mark on the lives of all the characters who knew him and, of course, the audience. Energetic, hopeful, optimistic and always very grateful, Kyojuro was a light within the Demon Slayer Corps. Always with a smile on his face and an unwavering determination, he is iconic!

The Flame Hashira was extremely fast, strong, and with unparalleled strategic thinking, managing to take on (and without awakening the Mark of the Hunter) Superior Moon 3, Akaza, all by himself! The demon was ranked #3 in Muzan, and yet he had a tough time beating Rengoku and still making it out alive. Unfortunately, Kyojuro's death was inevitable, but he showed all of his teammates how important it is to set their hearts on fire, and his sacrifice placed him among the strongest Hashiras in the franchise.

6- Mitsuri Kanroji - Love Hashira

Mitsuri Kanroji, Hashira of Love
Mitsuri Kanroji, Hashira of Love

Super romantic, cute, caring, nice and communicative... Mitsuri is literally a sweetheart! Unlike the other Hashiras, it wasn't a traumatic past event or her desire to help people that made her join the Demon Slayer Corps. In fact, it was her desire to find a husband who was stronger than her, so that he could protect her so that she could marry.

Mitsuri always knew she was an above average woman, especially when it came to strength, so the only way to find a man stronger than her was to join the elite group of Onis exterminators. Thus, she became the Hashira of Love and is currently being featured in the anime throughout its third season. She is the first on our list to have earned the Mark of the Demon Slayer and thus ranks sixth among the strongest Hashiras.

She faced, with the help of Nezuko and Tanjiro, the Superior Moon 4 and thanks to the increase in her abilities offered by the Mark of the Hunter, she didn't suffer much damage at the end of the confrontation. This is quite rare when we talk about fights between Hashiras and High Moons, with some heroes even losing their lives in the confrontations.

5- Obanai Iguro - Hashira of Serpents

Obanai Iguro, Hashira of Serpents
Obanai Iguro, Hashira of Serpents

Obanai has appeared very little in the anime so far, but has already made it clear that he is a reserved person who underestimates - and greatly underestimates - the Demon Slayer Corps hunters who are lower in rank than his. Like most of the other characters, he also had a sad past as a child, being traumatized by an Oni and wanting revenge ever since.

Thus, Obanai became the Hashira of serpents and the fifth place in our list of the "strongest Hashiras". He was one of those who did not directly face a High Moon, but he participated in the important confrontation against the Demon King and survived! Iguro awakened his Mark of Power, expanding his abilities, and also got the Red Blade: this is a form that the katana hits that does more damage to Onis and slows down their regeneration. 

4- Giyu Tomioka - Water Hashira

Giyu Tomioka, Water Hashira
Giyu Tomioka, Water Hashira

Extremely reserved, shy, and uncommunicative, Giyo Tomioka ranks fourth on our list. His desire to become a Hashira came after losing a close friend, and since then Giyu suffers from bouts of insecurity and self sabotage (even though he is one of the strongest and most respected Hashiras).

He doesn't believe he is good enough to be in this position, and as much as Water Breath is the easiest to teach to beginners, Tomioka not only mastered all 10 forms perfectly, but created a new one on his own, the 11th form. He defeated the Lower Moon 5 in the first season of the anime without difficulty, and in the manga he faced Akaza after awakening the Mark of the Hunter and with a little help from Tanjiro.

3º- Muichiro Tokito - Hashira of the Mist

 Muichiro Tokito, Hashira of the Mist
Muichiro Tokito, Hashira of the Mist

Tokito is a case apart. As revealed recently in the anime, he is a 14-year-old who had suffered memory loss caused by trauma. After losing his parents to illness and an accident, the young boy lost his brother to an Oni as a child. Before the tragedy, Muichiro was a sweet, gentle boy who dreamed of protecting others, but later he took on the cold personality of his late brother.

Tokito does not mince his words, always speaks without thinking, and does not care if his words hurt the listener. However, the boy has shown himself to be a prodigy among the Hashiras, being the youngest to join the elite squad and the first to be able to defeat a High Moon by himself without much difficulty. He awakened the Mark of the Demon Slayer, and after escaping death and defeating a powerful enemy even at the age of 14, Tokito came to rank third among the strongest Hashiras in Demon Slayer.

2nd - Sanemi Shinazugawa - Wind Hashira

Sanemi Shinazugawa, Wind Hashira
Sanemi Shinazugawa, Wind Hashira

Short-witted, stressed, explosive, aggressive, and with a face like he would kill anyone... Sanemi is the Wind Hashira and the second most powerful of all in the elite squad. He became a hunter after having to kill his mother, who had been transformed into an Oni and ended up attacking her own children. To protect his only surviving brother, he saw no choice but to take the life of the one he loved most.

Sanemi has unparalleled power, having faced off against Higher Moon 1 even without awakening the Mark of the Hunter at first, which allowed him to save Tokito. However, the Wind Hashira manages to awaken his Mark and becomes an equal with Higher Moon 1, with the enemy recognizing his power. After defeating his opponent alongside Gyomei Himejima, he moves on to the final fight against Muzan. Having survived the second most powerful demon in the series makes him the second among the strongest Hashiras in the works!

1º- Gyomei Himejima - Hashira da Rocha

 Gyomei Himejima, Hashira da Rocha
Gyomei Himejima, Hashira da Rocha

Gyomei is a quiet, responsible man who is often seen crying. He blames himself for issues in his past, when he was just an ordinary young man and was unable to save the children in his charge. However, he was able to exterminate an Oni using his bare hands when he was a boy. This led to him being recruited by the Demon Slayer Corps.

Himejima is the Hashira of the Stone, having trained so hard and for so long that Highmoon 1 recognized him as an opponent so powerful that he had not seen someone at his level in over 300 years, and compared him to a demon for his extreme abilities. He was able to awaken his Mark of the Demon Slayer and face off alongside Sanemi and Tokito against Highmoon 1, defeating him and going straight into the final fight against Muzan. With such accomplishments, we have here the top 1 of the strongest Hashiras in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba!

The most powerful Hashira!

No wonder Gyomei is at the top of our list, and the strongest Hashira in the entire Demon Slayer Corps. Certainly the anime audience is eager and excited to see the Stone Hashira in action, facing opponents as powerful as he is. Now that you've met the strongest Hashira, how about checking out our article on who would be champion: the High Moons or the First Oni Hunter? Be sure to check it out!

And for you who are looking for more information about who the Hashiras of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and its great powers, feel free to check out the following video:

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