How to Watch One Piece In Chronological Order: Complete Guide!
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How to Watch One Piece In Chronological Order: Complete Guide!


One Piece is a work created by Eiichiro Oda that has conquered a multitude of fans around the world, captivating them with Luffy's journey to become the Pirate King alongside his friends. This is a huge story, both its anime and manga have passed the 1000 episodes/chapters mark. Let's explore a guide that will teach you how to watch One Piece in chronological order, without missing a single moment of this adventure!

This chronological order of the franchise is fundamental for fans to have a full immersion and understand the narrative of this work, so we are here to help you have an amazing experience following the Straw Hat Band without fail! Come on, let's go!

How to watch One Piece in chronological order?

In addition to the anime episodes, the complete work also includes numerous movies, OVAs and specials that need to be watched in the correct order to make sense and complement the official anime arcs. We will also include these in our list.

It's worth noting that there are some cool ways to follow the long journey of our favorite rubber pirate: you can easily find all seasons of One Piece on Crunchyroll and you can also check out some arcs and sagas that are already available on Netflix! Now that you know where to find the anime, come find out the correct chronological order to watch One Piece!

East Blue

One Piece in Chronological Order: East Blue
East Blue

This is the initial milestone of One Piece in chronological order, being the first saga of the anime showing the protagonist Luffy, how he got his Akuma no Mi powers and how he became a pirate. After that we see the beginning of the Straw Hat Gang, with Luffy recruiting his first members: Zoro, Sanji, Usopp and Nami.

In this beginning we also have the appearance of Buggy the Clown right between the first 10 episodes and, after Usopp joins the crew, we have the One Piece movie "The Great Golden Pirate" (the first movie of the entire franchise, a milestone for the work). Then we are directed to the Loguetown arc, in sequence to the second film - The Adventure on Nejimaki Island - and then to the specials that close the arc.

  • Captain Morgan's (or Romance Dawn) arc: runs from episodes 1 to 4;
  • Buggy the Clown (or Orange Town) arc: runs from episodes 4 to 8;
  • OVA: Beat Him! The Ganzack Pirate;
  • Syrup Village: from episode 9 to 18;
  • Film: The Great Gold Pirate;
  • Baratie: from episode 19 to 30;
  • Arlong Park: from episode 31 to 44;
  • Buggy Gang: After the Battle: This is episode 46 and 47;
  • Loguetown: from episodes 45 and 48 to 53;
  • Film: The Adventure on Nejimaki Island;
  • Special: Navel Ocean Adventure;
  • Special: Jango Dance Festival;
  • Millennial Dragon: runs from episodes 54 to 61 (but this is a filler arc);
  • Special: Episode of East Blue: Luffy and his 4 Companions on the great adventure;


One Piece in Chronological Order: Alabasta

Following the plot, we have the Alabasta saga, which shows the arrival of Luffy and his crew in the long-awaited Grand Line! With One Piece in chronological order, we first meet the group facing Baroque Works (an organization whose goal is to overthrow the King of Alabasta).

It is in this arc that we meet the antagonist Crocodile, a genuine enemy of Luffy! In this saga we have a special to be watched right after Chopper joins the Straw Hat Gang and two more movies that take place post-Alabasta.  

  • Reverse Mountain: These are episodes 62 and 63;
  • Whiskey Peak: from episode 64 to 67;
  • Coby and Helmeppo: These are episodes 68 and 69;
  • Little Garden: from episode 70 to 77;
  • Drum Island: from episode 78 to 91;
  • Special: The King of Dream Soccer;
  • Alabasta: from episode 92 to 130;
  • Film: Episode Alabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates
  • Movie: Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals!
  • Post-Alabasta: runs from episodes 131 to 135 (however, this is a filler arc);


One Piece in Chronological Order: Skypiea

Skypiea is the One Piece saga in chronological order that introduces one of the biggest antagonists of the series so far: Blackbeard! In addition, we see Luffy's crew arriving on the Island of Heaven (or Skypiea, after which the saga is named).

In this saga we have a total of 3 specials and two movies that become complements to its events, with the first movies having to be watched after the Meat Island episodes and one that fits in with the end of G-8.

  • Sheep Island: runs from episodes 136 to 138 (this is a filler arc);
  • Film: Deadly Adventure;
  • Film: The Curse of the Sacred Sword;
  • Special: Opening over the vast ocean. A father's great, great dream!
  • Special: Aim! Become the Kings of Pirate Baseball;
  • Rainbow Mist: runs from episodes 139 to 143 (another filler arc);
  • Jaya: from episode 144 to 152;
  • Skypiea: runs from episode 153 to 195;
  • Special: Episodes from Skypiea;
  • G-8: runs from episodes 196 to 206 (last filler arc of the saga);
  • Film: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island;

Water 7

One Piece in Chronological Order: Water 7
Water 7

It is in Water 7 that we get Franky's first appearance and also his recruitment into the Straw Hat Gang. We also see Luffy's crew facing one of the most dangerous groups they have faced so far: CP9.

To follow the One Piece anime in chronological order you will need to watch a special after the events of Davy Back Fight and two more movies: one after Foxy's return and the second after Enies Lobby.

  • Long Ring Long Land (or Davy Back Fight) Arc: runs from episodes 207 to 219;
  • Special: Protect! The Last Great Presentation!
  • Ocean Dream: runs from episodes 220 to 224 (but this is a filler arc)
  • Return of Foxy: these are episodes 225 and 226 (unlike the previous one, this is a semi-filler arc);
  • Movie: The Mechas of Castle Karakuri;
  • Water 7: runs from episode 227 to 265;
  • Enies Lobby: from episode 226 to 312;
  • Post-Enies Lobby: runs from episodes 313 to 325;
  • Movie: Episode of Chopper: Winter Flower, Miracle in the Cherry Tree;

Thriller Bark

One Piece in Chronological Order: Thriller Bark
Thriller Bark

Despite being a long anime, One Piece also has its shorter arcs and in the chronological order in One Piece, Thriller Bark is the first of them! This arc is crucial, as it introduces Brook to the Straw Hats crew and shows the group facing Gekko Moria (a Shichibukai and his zombie army).

Although entertaining, Thriller Bark does not have any additional works like the movies, OVAs or specials. 

  • Loving Earth: runs from episodes 326 to 336 (it's a filler arc);
  • Thriller Bark: from episode 337 to 381;
  • Spa Island: runs from episodes 382 to 384 (another filler arc);

Marineford War

One Piece in Chronological Order: Marineford War
Marineford War

After almost 400 episodes, we have reached one of the most important sagas of One Piece in chronological order: The Marineford War! The beginning of this saga takes place at the moment when Luffy and his companions arrive in Sabaody. Here we have Luffy on his journey in an attempt to save his brother Ace and one of the most impactful moments of the franchise for most fans. 

This is a saga packed with extra content, with most of it staying after the filler arc. We only get one special at the end of the events of Marineford, which shows Luffy moving on after the tragic death of his brother.

  • Sabaody Archipelago: from episode 385 to 407;
  • OVA: Strong World Episode 0;
  • Movie: One Piece: Strong World;
  • Movie: One Piece 3D: The Straw Hat Chase
  • Special: One Piece 3D! Trap Coaster;
  • OVA: One Piece: Romance Dawn;
  • Amazon Lily: runs from episodes 408 to 421;
  • Impel Down: from episode 422 to 425;
  • Little Blue East: runs from episodes 426 to 429 (this is a filler arc);
  • Impel Down: runs from episodes 430 to 456 (it is a post-filler continuation);
  • Marineford: from episode 457 to 489;
  • Post-Marineford: from episode 490 to 516;
  • Special: 3D2Y Overcoming Ace's Death! Luffy's vow to his companions!

Fish-Man Island

One Piece in Chronological Order: Fishman Island
Fish-Man Island

The Fishmen saga of One Piece, in chronological order, takes a time jump of 2 years to show fans the reunion between the Straw Hat Gang who are going to an underwater island. This is the second shortest saga in the franchise, following the same line as Thriller Bark, but with a special feature.

This special is dedicated to Nami, who ended up between a meeting of the dem Sabaody group and her going to the next island.

  • Return to Sabaody: from episode 517 to 522;
  • Special: Episode of Nami: Tears of the Navigator and Ties of the Companions
  • Triton Island: from episode 523 to 574;

Dressrosa (Pirate Alliance)

One Piece in Chronological Order: Dressrosa

Dressrosa is the part of One Piece in chronological order that begins the Pirate Alliance with Law and his crew intent on defeating one of the Yonkou, Kaido. In this saga we have many specials and the Z movie after the initial filler arc, serving as a great introduction to the new antagonist in the series introduced here.

At the end of the whole Dressrosa conflict we have a Sabo special, which tells a little about each of the characters and is good fun for fans who want to get to know each of them more.

  • Ambition of Z: this is episodes 575 to 578 (plus a filler arc);
  • OVA: Glorious Island part 1 and 2;
  • Movie: One Piece Z Movie;
  • Special: Episode of Luffy: The Hand Island Adventure
  • Special: Adventure in Nebuland;
  • Punk Hazard: from episode 579 to 625;
  • Special: Episode of Merry: The story of yet another Friend;
  • Recovering Caesar: this is episodes 626 to 628 (also a filler arc);
  • Dressrosa: from episode 629 to 746;
  • Silver Mines: from episode 747 to 750 (the last filler arc of the saga);
  • Special: Sabo's Episode: The 3 Brothers' Bond. The Miraculous Reunion and Inherited Determination;

Yonkou Saga

One Piece in Chronological Order: Yankou Saga
Yankou Saga

Of all the One Piece anime in chronological order, this is by far one of the most exciting sagas in the entire series. Here, we see the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance come together for a single goal: to defeat Emperor Kaidou.

We also see exciting battles against powerful pirates, such as Big Mom, and have Luffy once again embark on an adventure to save his friend, Sanji. This saga has two specials and a movie right before the Zou Arc!

  • Special: Heart of Gold;
  • Special: One Piece Gold Episode 0;
  • Movie: One Piece Gold;
  • Zou: runs from episodes 751 to 779;
  • Navy Supernova: this is episodes 780 to 782 (this is a filler arc);
  • Whole Cake: from episode 783 to 877;
  • Reverie: runs from episodes 878 to 889;

Country of Wano

One Piece in Chronological Order: Yankou Saga
Country of Wano

We have arrived at the most current One Piece saga in chronological order: the Land of Wano! Here, we see the alliance formed in the previous arc begin its plan to recruit allies within Kaido's own country in order to free the population from the control of Shogun Kurozumi Orochi and his allies.

Here we have incredible battles against Kaido and his crew, the Beast Pirates, as well as Big Mom and her pirates, who also travel to Wano to seek revenge against the Straw Hat Gang. The movies that complement this franchise are present soon after the end of this saga.

  • The saga includes episodes 890 to 894; 897 to 906 and 908 so far.
  • Movie: One Piece: Stampede;
  • Movie: One Piece Red;

How long does it take to watch One Piece?

Straw Hat Gang
Straw Hat Gang

If we take out the 2 and a half minutes of each episode that are part of the introduction and the closing of each, the 1,055 episodes last approximately 22,683 minutes. Converted to hours, this is the same as 378.04 hours (or 15.75 days). In other words: if you don't take any breaks to sleep or go to the bathroom, you could watch them all in two weeks!

The correct order for total immersion in One Piece

You have just checked the entire chronology of One Piece and the correct sequence of episodes to have total immersion and not leave any important detail behind! Now, do you want to know which are the most powerful and wanted pirates of all seasons and sagas? Check out our list of 15 Greatest Rewards of One Piece! To learn more about the arcs of this anime and about One Piece in chronological order, check also the following video:

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