All The Forms Of Sun Breathing In Kimetsu No Yaiba

All Forms of Sun Breathing in Kimetsu No Yaiba

See all the forms of the Breath of the Sun in Kimetsu No Yaiba. It is remarkable that the battles in Demon Slayer transcend other contemporary anime, standing out for their genuine uniqueness, magnificent visuals and bloody stylization. Each breathing technique employed in this work has a unique beauty.

However, one specific technique in this context still remains little known to anime fans: the remarkable Breath of the Sun, also called Hinokami Kagura. While we have only glimpsed fragments of this technique in anime and movies, its depths are yet to be fully explored.

All Forms of the Breath of the Sun: 

All Forms of Sun Breathing in Kimetsu No Yaiba
Tanjiro Kamado

As we know, this is undoubtedly the most relevant breath in the entire work, and all the other breathing styles derive from it thanks to Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the creator of the Breath of the Sun, who adapted it for each individual he trained. Therefore, we will present all forms of the Sun Breath:

First Variation: Waltz 

A powerful float capable of completely nullifying opposition is the most fundamental technique of all the Sun Breath forms on our list. During his battle against Rui, Tanjiro inadvertently executed this move, marking his first use of the Sun Breath technique.

Still within this form we have the Fast Waltz, which is nothing more than a variation developed by Tanjiro Kamado. This attack is a variant derived from the Thunder Breath although only Tanjiro masters it. This variation intensifies the blood flow in his body, allowing the user to concentrate his strength in his legs and unleash an extremely fast blow against the target. However, it is claimed that this technique is not as fast as one of the forms used by Zenitsu; 

Second Variation: Blue Sky 

All Forms of Sun Breathing in Kimetsu No Yaiba
Blue Sky

Tanjiro's second demonstration was the Blue Sky technique, which he employed on Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train this time. A powerful 360-degree strike is executed by the user by rotating the body in this motion. 

Third Variation: Scarlet Crimson Mirror: 

In this attack, the user performs two blows, this time horizontally, and can be used both to attack and to defend against enemy attacks. 

Fourth Variation: False Rainbow 

This particular technique, among all forms of sun breathing, can be used for both attack and defense, just like the Crimson Mirror. However, the way in which this attack is executed raises its potential ever higher. Unlike the two horizontal slashes of the Crimson Mirror variation, this technique allows for a circular lunge that completely envelops the swordsman's area. This move inflicts damage on opponents while protecting its user. 

Fifth Variation: Chariot of Fire 

This form uses a circular sword motion to strike the opponent, while the user jumps behind them and spins;

Sixth Variation: Burning Sun 

This is probably one of the most ingenious of all the Sun Breath variations. It involves a blade shrouded in mist, which at first glance may seem easy to avoid. However, this is when the Burning Sun variation proves to be extremely damaging. The mist wrapped around the blade is meant to disorient the enemy, causing them to back away from the blow even after they have already been hit.

Seventh Variation: Sunflower String 

All Forms of Sun Breathing in Kimetsu No Yaiba
Sunflower string

The user uses the tip of their blade to perform a single precise strike. 

Eighth Variation: Mist of the Rising Flame 

A list of stunning moves have already been covered. The Rising Flame Mist seems almost universal in comparison to all this. Still, the power of this variation should not be underestimated. True to its title, the Crescent Flame Mist variation offers a powerful melee attack, using the blade as a focal point to annihilate opponents. 

Ninth Variation: Setting Sun 

The user jumps and throws the ball high into the air. 

Tenth Variation: Ray of Shining Grace

Demon Slayer has a number of choreographed wheel attacks in various forms of breathing. However, the Ray of Shining Grace, from the Solar Breathing Technique, has a unique distinction.

Unlike the other attacks, which tend to be direct and precise without requiring fancy moves, the technique known as "Tenth Variation: Ray of Shining Grace" requires the user to advance behind the enemy before launching this circular sword attack to flank them.

Eleventh Variation: Dance of the Solar Dragon. 

This technique, capable of decapitating multiple opponents at once, allows the user to unleash a fast, continuous attack that resembles a Japanese dragon with solar horns. 

Twelfth Variation: Enbu 

Enbu consists of a powerful horizontal and vertical combination strike. When used properly, it has the potential to overwhelm most opponents.

Thirteenth Variation

The fact that the Thirteenth Variation has no name makes it unique. Tanjiro instead created this maneuver, combining all ten variations found in this style, to increase its power and defeat Muzan. Finally, Muzan's ability to regenerate the twelve organs of his body needed to be annihilated once and for all, which is why Tanjiro resorted to this overwhelming variation.

And this was a little about All forms of Breath of the Sun, and some curiosities about each of these incredible combat techniques. See also what they are All Breaths of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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