The 11 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece, Ranked

The 11 Strongest Devil Fruits of One Piece, Ranked

One Piece is known worldwide as one of the most beloved anime of all time, but the work written by Eiichiro Oda would not be the same without the famous Devil Fruits. Originally known as Akuma no Mi, these fruits are what diversify the work and give each of the characters unique abilities. But do you know which are the 11 strongest Akuma no Mi in One Piece? Let's rank them for you!

Yes, there is a very large variety among all the Devil Fruits, but their origin is still a mystery. Today we're going to help you unravel more about the most powerful Akuma no Mi of the work and tell you all the details about each one of them! Come on, sailor?

What are Devil Fruits?

Strongest Akuma no Mi
Devil's Fruit

Simply put: Akuma no Mi are, within the universe of One Piece, the main sources of power for most of the main characters in the series. It is reported that there are hundreds of these Devil Fruits around the world, each granting a different power to whoever eats it.

However, the powers of the Akuma no Mi do not come without a trade-off: whoever eats the fruit can no longer swim, and is condemned to drown if they fall into the water. Ironic, since One Piece is an anime about Pirates! With so many formidable abilities and a wide variety of powers, it can be hard to know for sure which Akuma no Mi are the strongest, but today we've broken down the 11 most powerful Devil Fruits in the series so far.

11 - Mera Mera no Mi

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Mera Mera no Mi
Mera Mera no Mi

The Devil Fruit called Mera Mera no Mi was used by the character Portgas D. Ace. It is considered one of the strongest Akuma no Mi in the entire work, as it allows its user to be able to both transform into fire and have the ability to control the flames according to his will.

With the abilities granted by this Akuma no Mi, it is possible to carry out attacks and defend yourself very effectively. However, Portgas D. Ace ends up dying and, after his death, another character ended up consuming the Mera Mera no Mi: Sabo. Now, Sabo carries what became known in the plot as the "Spirit of Ace".

10 - Magu Magu no Mi

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Magu Magu no Mi
Magu Magu no Mi

Magu Magu no Mi is known as the Magma Fruit and currently has the character Sakazuki as its user. The abilities of this Devil Fruit, its user can transform his body into magma, allowing him to protect himself while burning those who approach offensively. This is one of the strongest Akuma no Mi in the anime and is known to be of the Logia type (which has greater attack power).

Sakazuki fights very little throughout the anime, but we can see brief moments when he showed himself capable of facing Kuzan, another navy admiral, who has ice powers. But the highlight really goes to his fight against Ace, where he was able to pierce with his magma, Ace's body that was on fire ... Just one punch was enough.

9 - Goro Goro no Mi

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Goro Goro no Mi
Goro Goro no Mi

Going to another one that is among the strongest Akuma no Mi, we have the Goro Goro no Mi: the Lightning Fruit! Currently, this fruit belongs to the character Enel, the main antagonist of the Skypiea arc and his abilities allow him to turn his entire body into pure electricity. This power made Enel a practically invincible opponent, since it was impossible to hit him without receiving a very high shock charge.

Not only does his body change, but the Goro Goro no Mi also allows the villain to summon lightning with charges of 200,000,000 volts, as well as also allowing him to teleport at the speed of lightning. We also saw him being able to send an electric charge to his own heart, making it beat again. Well, you can see why this is one of the strongest Akuma no Mi in One Piece, right?

8 - Pika Pika no Mi

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Pika Pika no Mi
Pika Pika no Mi

Going now to Pika Pika no Mi, also known as the Fruit of Light! Currently, its bearer is the character Borsalino, also called Admiral Kizaru. The abilities granted to him by his Devil Fruit are: traveling at the speed of light, increasing the speed and strength of kicks, as well as eliminating his own weight so that he stays in the air for a long time.

What makes this one of the strongest Akuma no Mi in One Piece, besides what we have seen so far, is also Borsalino's ability to throw a laser emitted from his fingers, being able to pierce human bodies or generate a heat explosion. As if all this were not enough, he can still make his enemies blind by emitting a strong light and even solidifying it, turning it into a sword.

7 - Ope Ope no Mi

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Ope Ope no Mi
Ope Ope no Mi

The Devil's Fruit known as Ope Ope no Mi has a differential, since it is the so-called Operation Fruit. This fruit gives its user the ability to perform medical operations with total ease and experience, making its bearer one of the best surgeons in the world. Currently, Trafalgar Law is its user!

However, it is known to be one of the strongest Akuma no Mi in the franchise for another reason: it is capable of creating Room, a spherical territory that allows Law to easily maneuver body parts of his enemies. Arms, legs, and even the heart can be removed by the pirate if he so chooses.

6 - Tori Tori no Mi, Fenix model

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Tori Tori no Mi
Tori Tori no Mi

Marco is the character who is under the possession of the Tori Tori no Mi model Phoenix, one of the strongest Akuma no Mi in One Piece as it not only allows its user to transform - completely or partially - into a phoenix, but also gives him endurance, strength and the ability to fly.

One of the main characteristics of this fruit is its blue flames from the phoenix, which are said to be more powerful than any other fire, as well as having healing properties. When Marco is enveloped by its blue flames, he can instantly regenerate from any attack that causes great damage. 

5 - Soru Soru no Mi

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Soru Soru no Mi
Soru Soru no Mi

The first female character on our list, Big Mom: current user of Soru Soru no Mi, the Soul Fruit! Big Mom is one of the villains of One Piece who is in possession of one of the most powerful Akuma no Mi, which allows her to manipulate and interact with human souls, and can even absorb part of the life force of her enemies. In addition, she can put her spirits into inanimate beings, which she calls Homies.

She also managed to separate her own soul into 3 parts: Zeus, Prometheus and Napoleon. Zeus is a cloud, Prometheus a sun and Napoleon her hat (which can transform into swords to be used in combat by the villain).

4 - Uo Uo no Mi, Seryu model

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Uo Uo no Mi, Seryu model
Uo Uo no Mi

In fourth place among the strongest Akuma no Mi is Uo Uo No Mi, the Devil Fruit of the mighty and feared Kaido. This is a Seyu model fruit, also known as the Dragon Fruit. It allows Kaido to fully or partially transform into this fantastic creature. 

In addition to the transformation, Uo Uo no Mi also increases the user's endurance and physical strength. The partial transformation is called Beast and leaves Kaido with horns, claws and scales that make him more resistant to direct blows. His full form is huge and has sharp fangs, being able to create clouds of fire to fly or stay in the air. 

Kaido's main attack consists of a bolt of fire that comes out of his mouth and can quickly devastate even castles, mountains and anything that has a large structure. It is no wonder that Luffy had a hard time facing this Emperor.

3 - Gura Gura no Mi

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Gura Gura no Mi
Gura Gura no Mi

In third place, we have Gura Gura no Mi, the Earthquake Fruit that belonged to Whitebeard, but fell into Blackbeard's clutches after the death of the first user. Well by the name involving a seismic tremor, we can already deduce why it is considered one of the strongest Akuma no Mi in One Piece, right? It allows its user to create earthquakes or shockwaves capable of generating cracks in the air!

With the power of the earthquake, it is possible to stop enemy attacks, crack structures such as mountains and even ice, generate dangerous tsunamis and much more. According to one of the Navy's admirals, the character Sengoku, the power of this fruit - if mastered completely - could be capable of destroying the entire world.

2 - Yami Yami no Mi

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Yami Yami no Mi
Yami Yami no Mi

In the second position, we have the Yami Yami no Mi, also called Dark Fruit, which is under the possession of Blackbeard. He is one of the Yonkou and one of the main antagonists of the entire franchise, even if the power of Yami Yami no Mi has not been explored much so far.

It is a Logia-type Devil Fruit and gives the user a body of darkness capable of absorbing attacks. However, there is a negative point: when absorbing, the user feels the pain twice. Even so, this is one of the most powerful Akuma no Mi for allowing the creation of a black hole that is even capable of swallowing entire villages to be thrown by Blackbeard.

We can see him using his skills to defeat Ace (when Ace was considered a strong character). In addition, Teach was responsible for leaving the famous scar on the face of Shanks, one of the strongest pirates in the series even without possessing any Akuma no Mi.

1 - Gomu Gomu no Mi

Strongest Akuma no Mi: Gomu Gomu no Mi
Gomu Gomu no Mi

Well, to talk about our top 1 strongest Akuma no Mi of One Piece, it's impossible not to give spoilers about the series and its protagonist, the Luffy. In case you don't want spoilers, be warned that we will give some here!

The Devil Fruit that Luffy ate at the beginning of the series is known as the Gomu Gomu no Mi and gives him rubber powers, which allows him to stretch and expand his entire body. However, in the battle against Kaido, it is revealed that, in fact, Luffy ate the Hito Hito no Mi, model Nika! This revelation not only gave fans surprises, but also a new transformation for the protagonist: Gear 5.

With this new transformation, Luffy's heart beats harmoniously and increases its endurance, as well as a considerable strength gain. His rubber abilities also gain and Luffy becomes completely malleable. He can also turn terrain into rubber, or affect enemies with this ability. 

Which stands out among the strongest Akuma no Mi?

Of course, the highlight of the entire franchise would be under the ownership of the beloved protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy! Over the years we have been able to follow all the evolution of the character, especially in relation to his own powers and control of his abilities.

But now that you know which are the strongest Akuma no Mi of One Piece, how about also finding out which are the most powerful? Top 15 Rewards of One Piece? Also be sure to share your opinion with us in the comments!

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