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Who dies in Chainsaw Man Chronologically

Do you remember correctly what the order of who dies in Chainsaw Man was? If you are a fan of the manga and anime, you are probably familiar with the dark and twisted universe created by the author Tatsuki Fujimoto

The story follows the life of Denji, a young Demon Hunter who becomes a half-demon after a fateful encounter. However, one of the elements that most intrigues fans is the frequency with which important characters are killed throughout the narrative. 

In this article, we will explore the chronological order of deaths in the anime. From the beginning of the story to the most recent events, we will look at which characters met a tragic fate along the way. Warning: This article contains spoilers for those not up to date with the Chainsaw Man manga

Who dies in Chainsaw Man?

As we continue reading, we will dive into the deadly twists and turns of the anime and analyze the implications of these deaths on the overall plot. Join us on this dark journey and find out who dies in Chainsaw Man.

First Arc

In the first arc of Chainsaw Man, we are introduced to a world filled with demons and deadly dangers. Several deaths occur throughout these first chapters, setting the dark and unforgiving tone of the story. To begin the list of those who die in Chainsaw Man, we have:

  • Demon Tomato
  • Nameless Demon
  • Debt Collector
  • Debt Collector's Yakuza Gang

Over the course of the arc, we meet the Zombie Demon, who is defeated and killed by Denji, adding another casualty to the list. And finally, the Muscle Demon, another formidable opponent, is eliminated by Denji.

Bat Demon Bow

Who dies in Chainsaw Man Chronologically
Bat Demon

The first to meet its end is the Demon Sea Cucumber, a grotesque and frightening being who is confronted by Denji and his team of Demon Hunters. His death marks the beginning of a series of increasingly intense events. And following the list of who dies in Chainsaw Man:

  • Demon Bat 
  • Bloodsucking Demon

Last but not least, we have Taiyo, a character who joins the group of Demon Hunters during the arc. Unfortunately, his journey ends tragically when he is killed in shocking and disturbing circumstances.

Demon of Eternity Arc

The first to meet his end is the Demon of Eternity himself, a powerful and mysterious entity that poses an imminent threat. Its evil plans and frightening abilities put Denji and his allies in constant danger. However, after an intense fight full of twists and turns, the Demon of Eternity is finally defeated.

Also, during this arc, we have the tragic death of a Demon Hunter. Although the specific name of the character is not revealed, his loss deeply impacts Denji and the other members of the team.

Katana Man Bow

Who dies in Chainsaw Man Chronologically
Katana Man

In the Katana Man arc in Chainsaw Man, we are confronted with a series of deaths that occur amidst intense battles and deadly confrontations. In chapters 23-39, we witness the loss of several characters, each playing an important role in the narrative. Continuing our list of who dies in Chainsaw Man:

  • Himeno
  • Katana Man's Partners
  • Arai
  • Fushi
  • 2 Hunters
  • C-Team of Weapons Agents
  • Weapons Agent
  • Team Member E
  • Shuzo Mishima
  • Inoue Takashi
  • Many Weapons Agents
  • 30 convicts
  • Zombie
  • Sawatari Akane

Each death adds layers of drama, tension, and consequences to the events unfolding. As the story progresses, we are reminded of the high stakes and inevitable sacrifices that occur in this brutal world.

Bombshell Girl Bow

In chapters 40-52, the story unfolds in a setting fraught with danger, leading to the loss of several important characters. The arc begins with the death of Demon Pig, a powerful antagonist who faces Denji in a deadly battle. Moving on with our list:

  • 1 Demon Hunter
  • scarred man
  • Three Demon Hunters
  • kato
  • Tanabe
  • Masaki
  • Ando
  • Nomo
  • 2nd Division Vice-Captain
  • Many other members of the 2nd Division
  • Many humans
  • Typhoon Demon
  • Pray

Chainsaw Man's Bomb Girl arc is filled with shocking deaths and intense moments. Each loss adds an element of unpredictability and emotional weight to the narrative,

Assassin's Arc

In the international assassin's arc, the plot intensifies with a series of shocking deaths. Aldo, the protagonist, suffers a great loss with the death of his parents and grandmother, an event that triggers his journey to seek revenge. Continuing the list of who dies in Chainsaw Man:

  • Kurose
  • Having
  • subaru
  • Grape Demon
  • Sato
  • Joey
  • Kurose's brother
  • Many Citizens
  • Many dolls
  • Nakamura
  • Many Hunters
  • Fake Santa Claus
  • 3 children
  • Rock Demon
  • Kusakabe
  • Beam
  • Demon of Violence
  • Tamaoki
  • Prinz
  • Tolka
  • Long
  • Pingsti
  • Santa Claus
  • Cosmos
  • Tsugihagi
  • Quanxi

Demon Gun Bow

The Demon Gun arc, delves even further into the darkness and dangers of the supernatural world, with a series of deaths that challenge our protagonists and test their courage. Still on our list of who dies in Chainsaw Man:

  • Demon Angel's former companions
  • Several people in the city of Nikaho
  • Demon Angel
  • Aki
  • many civilians
  • Aki as Weapon Infernal

Demon of Control Arc

Who dies in Chainsaw Man Chronologically

In Control's Demon arc, we are brought into a brutal and desperate confrontation against powerful and manipulative forces. Continuing the list of who dies in Chainsaw Man:

  • Anti Makima Squad Members
  • many demons
  • A customer of the restaurant 
  • Restaurant Mascot
  • Restaurant owner 
  • restaurant employee 
  • 1 demon hunter
  • Two Nameless Demon Hunters
  • Power
  • any civilian

Demon of Justice Arc

In Chainsaw Man's Demon of Justice arc, we witness a series of deaths that echo the aftermath of the battle against the Demon of Control. Moving on with our list of who dies:

  • Cocopi
  • Mr. Tanaka
  • Class President
  • many civilians
  • Demon Cockroach
  • Yuko's neighbor
  • Students
  • Members of the Demons Hunters club
  • Demons Hunters
  • Yuko

Current Arc

At this point in the story, the plot unfolds in unpredictable directions, revealing shocking events and increasingly impactful consequences. Up to the point of the arc, only the Demon of Eternity is the one who dies.

And that was a bit about who dies in Chainsaw Man. Also learn who would win in a battle between a Oni Hunter vs. Highmoon in Demon Slayer. See also more about who dies in Chainsaw Man in the following video.

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