Naruto: The Anime's Most Shocking Twists
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Naruto: The most shocking twists in anime


Since its debut in 2002, Naruto has been one of the most popular and influential anime series in the world. With its unique blend of action, comedy, drama, and philosophy, the series has garnered a huge fan base and spawned numerous adaptations and derivative products. 

One of the reasons this anime stood out among other anime series is the writers' ability to create shocking and surprising twists that left fans open-mouthed and eager for more. 

Naruto's biggest twists

Since the revelation of the villain's true intentions Orochimaru to the identity of the mysterious Tobi, Naruto is filled with exciting and surprising moments that continue to captivate fans around the world. In this article, we will explore some of the anime's most shocking twists and turns and how they impacted the overall narrative of the series.

Kabuto: Reveals himself as a spy

Naruto: The most shocking twists in anime
Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi, popularly known as one of the villains in Naruto, had his first appearance in the classic anime in the Chunin exams as a gentle and kind character. However, as a spy from the Hidden Village of Sound, he helped Orochimaru prepare for a coming attack by providing information about the participants of the exam. 

In the episode known as "Clone vs. Clone: Mine are better than yours!", Kabuto was exposed as a traitor, surprising those who considered him only a mentor to the novice shinobis. His intelligence and ninja information cards were instrumental in helping the younger and less experienced Team 7 get through the early stages of the exam, but his true nature turned out to be an unpleasant revelation for everyone.

The existence of other Beasts with Tails

Naruto: The most shocking twists in anime
Tail Bijus and their Jinchuuriki

In the classic anime, the Kyuubi also known as the Nine Tails, was presented as an evil and unique beast, responsible for the destruction of Konoha. The same is true of the One-Tailed Biju, Shukaku, who has Gaara as his jinchuuriki, although the creatures are not related. However, in Naruto Shippuden, it is discovered that there are nine Beasts of Tails sealed in human receptacles known as jinchuuriki. 

These creatures are revealed to be parts of the same being, since the Sage of the Six Paths created them by splitting the chakra of the Ten-Tailed Beast into nine new entities to prevent their resurrection. Furthermore, the Tailed Beasts demonstrate not only intelligence, but also unique personalities and abilities.

Sasuke leaves Konoha

Naruto: The most shocking twists in anime
Sasuke leaves the leaf village

One of the biggest twists in the classic is Sasuke's defection from the Leaf Village, which completely changes the dynamics of the anime and directly impacts the audience. Feeling inferior and isolated in relation to his teammate, Sasuke decides to join Orochimaru to become stronger. This act turns him into an antagonist and starts an arc that extends throughout Naruto Shippuden.

The epic fight between him and Sasuke in the Valley of the End is one of the most defining moments of the series, though to the surprise of many, Sasuke wins and escapes while Naruto is passed out. From that moment on, Naruto is dedicated to finding his companion and friend Sasuke, with the intention of bringing him back to the Village, becoming one of the central goals of the story. According to IMDb, this is one of the best stories of the anime.

Gaara becomes Kazekage of his village

Naruto: The most shocking twists in anime
Gaara, Kazekage

In the classic anime, Gaara is presented as a terrifying figure and a tragic outcast in the village

of the Sand. He has suffered numerous assassination attempts since childhood and was also hated by everyone in the village. However, during the fight against Naruto, he begins to reconsider his misanthropic view of the world.

In Naruto Shippuden, the anime reveals how intense and far the influence of the protagonist took Gaara in just a few years. He soon became the Kazekage, beloved leader of his village. Gaara's approach to life and the vision the Sand Village had of him are thoroughly covered, which surprises even Naruto. This is an indication of the powerful influence he has as a force for peace.

Itachi was not the mastermind of the massacre of his clan

Naruto: The most shocking twists in anime
Itachi Uchiha

Sasuke has a single, intense motivation in Naruto: to avenge the death of his family. His older brother, Itachi Uchiha, was responsible for killing the entire Uchiha clan, leaving Sasuke as the only survivor. Itachi, in turn, justifies his actions by stating that he had done this to test his powers and his own abilities and spared Sasuke to be a potential challenge in the future. The revelation that Itachi lied about his intentions is a crucial point in the plot and changes Sasuke's perspective on his brother.

It is discovered that the Uchiha clan were plotting a coup against the Leaf, and Itachi was tasked by the village elders to kill them all. To avoid a possible war, Itachi carried out the order, leaving Sasuke as the only survivor and posing as a callous villain. When Sasuke discovers the truth, he becomes determined to destroy Konoha in order to make them pay for the suffering of his brother Itachi.

Naruto discovers who his parents are

Naruto: The most shocking twists in anime
Naruto and his parents

For most of the Naruto anime story, the protagonist knows nothing about his parents, but finally has the opportunity to meet them in the episode "The Fourth Hokage". His father, Minato Namikaze, a legendary Hokage, sealed the Kurama into his son when he was a baby, with the hope that he would eventually master its power and use it to save the world. 

Also, his mother, Kushina, was the previous jinchuuriki of Kurama, and he is a descendant of the powerful Uzumaki clan through her. Kushina explains why sealing the Fox inside Naruto was so important and helps him get more chakra from the beast. These revelations give the audience great insight into Naruto's heritage and the history of the Leaf Village.

In summary, the twists and turns of Naruto demonstrate the power of a well-written and developed narrative. The writers' ability to create surprising and shocking plots while maintaining the coherence and cohesion of the story is fundamental to the success of any work, and thus is considered one of the Best action anime of all time.

The protagonist has managed to create exciting and impactful moments, making it one of the most popular and beloved anime series worldwide. The mix of action, comedy, drama, and philosophy has made Naruto a unique anime, and the shocking twists and turns are one of the reasons why it will continue to captivate fans for many years to come.

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