The 12 Strongest Villains Of Boku No Hero, Ranked

Boku No Hero's 12 Strongest Villains, Ranked

Boku no Hero is a super famous work among anime and manga fans for being a shounen that explores the protagonist's characteristic as a hero to the fullest. Here, we have a society that lives with professional heroes saving the day and, if we have heroes, of course we will have villains and criminals. How about meeting the strongest villains in Boku no Hero and their powers?

The work presents very well this duality between "good and evil" and perfectly illustrates the dispute between heroes and villains, each with their goals to be achieved. Want to know more about the antagonists? We'll tell you which ones are more dangerous!

12- Gentle Criminal

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Gentle Criminal
Gentle Criminal

Although far from being one of the strongest villains in Boku no Hero, Gentle Criminal deserves to be on our list for having received an arc of his own and having been featured prominently in the series. His civilian name is Danjuro Tobita and he, unlike most on our list, is an independent villain who wanted to be an internet celebrity, posting videos of all his illegal acts. 

He is not one of those evil villains, but he stood out for becoming a villain just for failing to be a professional hero. His name as a villain is directly linked to his eccentric personality, which makes him act cavalierly while committing his crimes. The reason for these crimes? His desire to become famous and receive attention.

11- Mr. Compress

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Mr. Compress
Mr. Compress

Atsuhiro Saki, also known as Mr. Compress, is another member of the League of Villains who has become known in the villain universe for being a talented thief. He stands out a lot for being quite intelligent, which makes him dangerous if we add that to his ability to make traps or his individuality.

He is one of the strongest villains in Boku no Hero, one of the most experienced among the members of the League of Villains and one of the characters most loyal to Shigaraki Tomura. His individuality is called Compress and allows him to capture other creatures or objects, turning them into small round jewels, but keeping them safe and without causing damage.

10- Kurogiri

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Kurogiri

Kurogiri is not one of the most prominent villains in the series, being only responsible for opening and closing dimensional portals capable of transporting all members of the League of Villains directly to their lair. Other than that, he didn't seem to be very useful and doesn't appear alongside the team in the attacks carried out on the AU.

But he was eventually captured by the professional heroes and held for interrogation, where we find out more about his past. In fact, Kurogiri is an old acquaintance of the heroes and a former UA student, but who ended up dying and having his corpse used in experiments that resulted in this new personality.

9- Himiko Toga

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga

A super cute, sweet and kind-hearted little girl... Don't be fooled by Himiko Toga's appearance, as she is one of the strongest villains in Boku no Hero and is the most prominent villain in the series! Toga is one of the members of the League of Villains and is quite dangerous, with a cruel character that can be bloodthirsty!

Her individuality is called Transform and allows her to take the form of anyone she tastes blood from. A bit sadistic, isn't it? She's also very efficient in combat, whether using her powers or bladed weapons like knives. Fans of the series are very fond of her, but her remorseless villainy reminds us whose side she's on.

8- Twice

Boku No Hero: Twice's Strongest Villains

Twice is one of the affiliates of the League of Villains and is one of the highlights of the group for being full of contradictions and personalities. Jin Bubaigawara seems like a cruel villain when he's being Twice, but he has a very human side that we see during Hawks' arc. 

He became one of the strongest villains in Boku no Hero because he possesses an individuality that, if not for his personality disorder, would be deadly: the Double, which allows Twice to make countless copies, either of himself or other living beings. With this power, he is even able to form a very powerful and practically invincible army! Too bad his mental problems got in the way. 

7- Muscular

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Muscular

Muscular is one of the most crass and outright bad villains in the series, being an antagonist who doesn't give a damn about ideals or being part of a group he identifies with. His only desire is to join other villains so he can follow his most violent and brutal instincts! A sadistic and bloodthirsty guy, he has always made it clear that the pleasure of having his power lies in being able to kill people freely.

His individuality is called Muscle Augmentatin and causes the muscle fibers in his body to increase. This makes his body bigger, stronger and much more resistant, which makes him one of the strongest villains in Boku no Hero! We see all this power in his fight against the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, who needed to unlock a new part of One For All to deal with this enemy.

6- Gigantomachia

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Gigantomachia

Gigantomachia has been described as a walking "natural disaster", being very large and having a virtually impenetrable carcass. He recently appeared as one of All For One's most faithful followers and had been dormant for years until he heard his master's voice and went on the attack. He eventually led the League of Villains to start a war against the heroes.

In addition, he is so powerful that he can destroy everything in his path. Therefore, it was necessary to devise a plan bringing together several heroes, professionals and students from the AU to be able to stop him. That's because they didn't defeat him directly, but had to throw several powerful tranquilizers in his mouth to make him go away for good.

5- Dabi

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Dabi

Dabi is certainly one of the most popular villains in the entire Boku no Hero anime. He is one of the most recurring members of the League of Villains and his aesthetics are as striking as his mysterious past. With his body burned and stitched up in several places, Dabi looks brutal just by looking at him.

His individuality is called Cremation and he is among the strongest villains in Boku no Hero precisely because he has blue flames that can be hotter than normal flames. The problem with his individuality is that he also ends up getting hurt when using it, but that doesn't stop him from cremating his enemies and setting them on fire.

4- Stain

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Stain

Stain is considered by many of the characters themselves to be one of the best villains in Boku no Hero. His civilian name is Chizome Akaguro and he, despite being considered a villain, acted more as a vigilante and twisted vigilante. What makes Stain one of the strongest villains in Boku no Hero is not only his abilities, but also the way he generated a whole movement in society.

He gained notoriety after killing several professional heroes and his ideal of eliminating "false heroes", leaving only those who really want to save the population without receiving anything in return. 

His individuality allows Stain to paralyze his victims when he gets their blood, even if it's a single drop. He was a threat that gave trouble to Izuku and Shoto, who had to use their strongest attacks to finally defeat him.

3- Overhaul

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Overhaul

Overhaul was one of the main villains of Boku no Hero, having an entire arc just for him and his criminal organization. As a civilian, he is called Kai Chikasi and is the leader of Shie Hassaikai (one of the arms of the Yakuza). He is extremely dangerous and goes over everything to achieve his goals.

He was cruel to the little girl named Eri and his individuality is also called Overhaul, which gives him the ability to restructure things and people at molecular levels, including the ability to destroy if he wants to. This power places him among the strongest villains in Boku no Hero, as he has shown to have full control of this ability and has shown no qualms when using it.

2- Tomura Shigaraki

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Tomura Shigaraki
Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki Tomura is the first antagonist of the series who establishes himself as a real threat by aiming to kill All Might (Japan's #1 hero). His intention in killing the symbol of peace is to destroy the society that is sustained by everything he represents.

His individuality is called Decay and is extremely powerful, as it gives him the ability to disintegrate anything he touches with his five fingers. Of course, such a power would place him among the strongest villains in Boku no Hero, right? His goals end up becoming even darker as the story progresses and, currently, he has become one of the biggest threats in this universe.

1- All For One

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: All For One
All For One

All For One, the main and greatest villain of the entire series! He is the strongest villain in Boku no Hero not only for his powerful individuality, but for being the greatest leader of the anime's antagonists. All Might's main enemy, he created Tomura just to turn him into his successor. He is extremely evil, cruel and has no remorse for it.

His ability allows him to steal other individualities permanently, so he ends up having a very large "arsenal" of powers, which makes him difficult to defeat. He plays a key role in the plot, as he uses Shigaraki as the channel for all his evil.  

What is the Boku no Hero League of Villains?

Boku No Hero's Strongest Villains: Members of the League of Villains
Members of the League of Villains

The League of Villains is the main group of antagonists in this universe, composed of all the strongest villains in the world. Boku no Hero. It is an organization that opposes the heroes and the UA College, being a group of criminals whose goal is to destroy the society formed and protected by Professional Heroes, so that a new order is created in the midst of chaos and they - the villains - are at the top. 

Now that you know what the League of Villains is and you know all the strongest villains in Boku no Hero, how about checking out our list of the best villains in Boku no Hero? most hated anime characters and find out how many villains are in it? Don't forget to leave your opinion in the comments!

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