The Puzzle Revealed: Why Does Nezuko Wear a Bamboo in Her Mouth?

The Puzzle Revealed: Why does Nezuko wear a bamboo in her mouth?

"Why does Nezuko wear a bamboo in her mouth!" is a common question asked by fans of the anime "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba". Nezuko Kamado, the younger sister of the protagonist Tanjiro, is seen wearing a bamboo protecting her mouth throughout much of the series.

This peculiar detail of the character intrigued many fans, who began to speculate about the reason behind it. Some theories were created, including the idea that the bamboo could be related to her demonic nature and that it was a way to contain her and prevent her from biting people.

Other possible theories state that the bamboo is a reference to the culture of feudal Japan. We will mention this and other theories throughout this post, so you can understand both the culture of feudal Japan and the reason why Nezuko carries a piece of bamboo in his mouth.

Why Nezuko wears a bamboo in her mouth: Possible Theories

Because Nezuko wears a bamboo in her mouth!
Nezuko's transformation

Because Nezuko wears a bamboo in her mouth, one of the possible explanations for the presence of the object is that it may be a cultural reference to the Japanese folklore. In Japanese tradition, bamboo is believed to have powers of purification and protection against evil. For this reason, it is common to find bamboo objects in temples and shrines, and also in purification rituals.

In this sense, the bamboo in her mouth can be interpreted as a symbol of protection, which helps her stay away from her demonic nature and preserve her humanity. Furthermore, the fact that bamboo is a natural and renewable material can be seen as a counterpoint to Nezuko's demonic nature, which is destructive and predatory.

The presence of the bamboo in Nezuko's mouth is a crucial factor in her characterization as a character, both in narrative and symbolic terms. But then, why does Nezuko wear a bamboo in her mouth? This feature is crucial to her survival and protection, as it represents her hybrid nature and the constant struggle to maintain humanity in a demon-dominated world.

Japanese funeral traditions

Another theory circulating among fans is that the bamboo in Nezuko's mouth is related to Japanese funeral traditions. According to this theory, the bamboo is a reference to the habit of putting a piece of bamboo in the mouth of the deceased to prevent the body from moving or biting the tongue during the transportation of the body.

While this theory may seem dark, it makes sense within the universe of "Demon Slayer," which features many references to Japanese culture. Furthermore, it can be interpreted as a symbol of death and rebirth, as Nezuko "died" to his human life by becoming a demon, but still struggles to maintain his humanity and find a place in the world.

Regardless of the theory chosen, it is undeniable that the assumptions created by fans regarding "why Nezuko wears a bamboo in her mouth" ended up making it an iconic symbol of the series and an essential element of the character's personality. It helps to highlight the complexity and depth of the narrative, and to make "Demon Slayer" one of the most popular and beloved anime series today.

How Nezuko won the bamboo

Because Nezuko wears a bamboo in her mouth!
New form of Nezuko

Nezuko received the piece of bamboo at the very beginning of the anime. Tomioka put the piece of bamboo in her mouth after leaving her alone. Tomioka was preparing to defeat her after her transformation into an Oni. She showed a desire to fight her desires for flesh, so Tomioka placed it as protection on her before sending her to find the Urodokai master.

In a letter to his former master, the hunter instructed him to place Tanjiro and his demonic sister under his guardianship. She claimed that Tanjiro has an eye similar to that of Sensei Urodokai. The letter sent also stated that her resistance to his demonic intentions makes them an exception. 

Furthermore, the bamboo in Nezuko's mouth can also be interpreted as a symbol of her own strength and determination. Despite her demonic condition and the society she lives in seeing her as a threat, she continues to resist their demonic intentions and fight to maintain her humanity. 

Focus on your mission

The focus of bamboo in the mouth is a constant reminder of his commitment to this struggle and also of his ability to overcome his own weaknesses and limitations. In addition, the bamboo in the mouth can also be seen as a metaphor for the nature of the series itself. 

As one of the main female characters in "Demon Slayer," Nezuko is often depicted as a powerful and unpredictable force, capable of causing destruction and chaos when her anger is provoked. However, like the bamboo that keeps her in check, she is also able to control her demonic nature and channel her strength for good.

The truth about the bamboo in Nezuko's mouth

Because Nezuko wears a bamboo in her mouth!
After all, why does Nezuko wear a bamboo in her mouth?

The real reason why Nezuko wears a bamboo in her mouth was finally revealed in the anime, and its explanation is quite surprising and exciting. This curiosity surrounding the character and her prop has become an interesting topic of discussion among fans and an important part of Nezuko's visual identity.

The presence of bamboo in the mouth of Nezuko, a character from the anime "Demon Slayer," is one of the most striking and curious elements of her appearance. Although she is a fictional character, there is an explanation for the constant presence of bamboo in her mouth. 

She has become a demon who possesses a special hypnosis that prevents her from attacking humans, but the bamboo spear is necessary to ensure that she never loses control and kills anyone, including herself.

In addition, the bamboo also prevents her from tasting human blood, something that can turn her into a more powerful demon, but also makes her more dangerous to those around her. In short, the safety measure ends up being the reason why Nezuko wears a bamboo in her mouth, to prevent her from threatening humans and herself.


In short, the bamboo in Nezuko's mouth is a key element in her characterization as a character and also in the broader narrative of "Demon Slayer." In addition to its role in protecting her and maintaining her humanity, the bamboo is also a powerful symbol of her own strength and determination, as well as of the complex and multifaceted nature of the series as a whole.

This was a bit about why Nezuko wears a bamboo in her mouth and the possible reasons for this. You know what they are All powers of Shinobu Kocho? See a little more about it in this short video below.

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