Next Free Fire Reload: Calavera Scythe!

Free Fire's next reload: Calavera Scythe!

Diamonds are a type of currency in the Garena company's Free Fire game. Players can use them to buy exclusive in-game items, characters, pets, elite passes, and other items. Various sources can be used to obtain diamonds. Next Friday, December 17, 2021, Free Fire will run the newest special diamond supplement event, or recharge, through which players can get the newest scythe skins and pixel packs!

Generally speaking, the Free Fire Reload Event will give players free items, because the loaded diamonds will not be spent, meaning that players can use the diamonds to buy other items in the game. The event itself will last until December 19, 2021!

Use Calavera Sickle for free firepower recharging activities

To obtain the scythe skin from Free Fire, the player must participate in the diamond reload activity, reload 500 gold coins, and the novelty will be dropped into the user's account.

  • 1 diamond = pixel box
  • 500 diamonds = Calavera Scythe

All players can reload their required diamonds in Free Fire or they can use reload games or other sites, to do so follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: The player must open the Free Fire game and click on the diamond store icon located at the top of their device's screen.
  • Step 2: Several options for buying diamonds will appear, and the player must choose the required amount.
  • Step 3: Next, the user must click on the "Calendar" icon on the right side of the lobby screen.
  • Step 4: Next, the player should look in the events section and click where it says "Reload Events".
  • Step 5: Users can click the "Receive" button to get items for free.

About free firepower recharging activities

In general, Garena Brazil publishes an average of two Free Fire reload activities per week, and there are bonuses.The developers will give items as rewards after reloading diamonds.

It is important to note that each event has different objectives and rewards, and there may be unique items as rewards.

In addition, to participate in Free Fire reloading activities, players can also choose to reload diamonds outside of APK, such as on game reloading sites.

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