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The 9 Longest Fights in Anime: Find out now!

Do you know the longest fights in anime? We'll tell you!

Shounen anime are the most popular and recognized when it comes to incredible fights, full of action and powerful opponents. Some of them stand out for being very well produced, others for having an unexpected winner, but there are some that stand out for being the longest fights in anime!

Generally, fights tend to be quick and practical, so that the plot can follow its normal path, but there are some confrontations that last several episodes in a row. Today we're going to help you get to know the longest anime battles of all time and in ascending order of length!

Battle at Maria's Wall (Attack on Titan)

longest fights in anime
Battle at Maria Wall

The Maria Wall Arc takes place in the third season of Attack on Titan and is marked by the Exploration Squad's mission to restore the Maria Wall and close the hole that served as an entrance for several titans. Thus, Eren - already with his powers - was assigned to use his abilities to close the opening while his Exploration Troop allies provided cover.

However, enemies appear: the Armored Titan, the Colossal Titan and the Bestial Titan. They all attack the Corps and Eren, leaving the group with numerous casualties. This fight lasted about four episodes, making it one of the longest fights in anime, and many characters had to sacrifice themselves to see it through.

 Ichigo vs Ulquiorra (Bleach)

 Ichigo vs Ulquiorra
 Ichigo vs Ulquiorra

This wasn't the first time that Ichigo - Bleach's protagonist - had faced Ulquiorra, but it was the longest-lasting confrontation between the two. This was one of the series' peak moments, mainly because it had a very attractive look compared to the other fights in the franchise. 

The confrontation lasted about 7 episodes, entering the list of the longest fights in anime. What's more, it gave the audience new forms and transformations for each of the characters and only Ichigo's new Hollow form was able to defeat Ulquiorra!

Naruto vs Pain (Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto vs Pain
Naruto vs Pain

The Pain arc, where Naruto confronts the villain and leader of Akatsuki, is one of the most epic moments of Naruto Shippuden for several reasons... We see Konoha destroyed, Naruto makes his triumphant entrance and, of course, we see that the boy has finally learned to use Sage Mode! Despite all the efforts of the Konoha ninjas, none of them proved capable of defeating Pain and his Six Paths.

But all was not lost, as Naruto arrived just in time to stop Pain from continuing with his evil plan. As well as being one of the longest fights in anime, with 7 episodes in total, this was also a fight that presented two different ideologies, as well as giving Pain/Nagato redemption by bringing all the inhabitants of Konoha back to life.

Yusuke vs Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yusuke vs Sensui
Yusuke vs Sensui

Although it wasn't as unforgettable as Yusuke's fight against Toguro, the confrontation between Yusuke Sensui was one of the longest fights in anime, lasting nine episodes! It's also one of Yu Yu Hakusho's most intense fights, mainly because it gave us a fight in which both characters were giving their all. 

New powers were revealed during the arduous confrontation, as in the vast majority of shounen anime, and it was only when Yusuke reached a stronger form that he was able to beat Sensui!

Tsunayoshi vs Xanxus (Hitman Reborn!)

Tsunayoshi vs Xanxus
Tsunayoshi vs Xanxus

With a total of nine episodes, the battle between Tsunayoshi and Xanxus is considered one of the longest fights in anime. Although Hitman Reborn! wasn't as popular, it was still an interesting series to follow and, during the final arc, we have the two characters fighting for Vongola Decimo.

The confrontation is electrifying, as it's very difficult to know who has the best chance of winning. However, Tsuna managed to subdue Xanxus and inherited the title of Vongola Decimo at the end of the anime.

Gohan vs Cell (Dragon Ball Z)

Gohan vs Cell
Gohan vs Cell

The Cell arc was the culmination of Gohan's story and where the boy was able, even at such a young age, to demonstrate his full potential. Cell, for his part, was taking on his opponents and defeating them quickly, especially after absorbing some other powerful characters. However, despite Cell's great threat and power, Gohan delivered what was one of the best fights in anime.

Even without proper training, the boy achieved the transformation into Super Saiyan 2 - being the first in the series to achieve this feat - and overpowered Cell in his Perfect form! This is one of the longest fights in anime, as it lasted a total of 11 episodes in a row and only ended because Gohan launched a Super Kamehameha that subdued Cell's Kamehameha.

Luffy vs Doflamingo (One Piece)

Luffy vs Doflamingo
Luffy vs Doflamingo

Considering the length of One Piece, it's understandable that some of its battles are longer and the work makes it onto the list of the longest fights in anime. This time, the highlight goes to Luffy's confrontation with Doflamingo, which lasted a total of 12 episodes! At first, Law was fighting alongside Luffy, but he ended up getting injured and our Captain had to continue fighting Doflamingo alone.

Then we see Luffy activating his Gear 5 in the intense battle, needing the episodes to stretch out longer for him to recover. Once Luffy had recovered, he was able to deliver the final and decisive blow to Doflamingo, coming out of yet another fight with victory for his Straw Hat Gang!

Goku vs Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)

Goku vs Frieza
Goku vs Frieza

When it comes to the longest fights in anime, it's impossible to leave out Goku vs Freeza, especially as this clash lasted an astonishing 19 episodes! As many of you may already know, this fight only dragged on for so long because the anime had already caught up with the manga, so it was necessary to "buy time" for Akira Toryama's team to deliver new chapters to be adapted.

This fight made the rivalry between Freeza and Goku one of the biggest in the series, but Freeza survived one of Goku's powerful attacks. However, Freeza made a mistake: he killed Kuririn, Kakaroto's best friend... This led to Goku transforming into the Super Saiyan for the first time, one of the franchise's most iconic moments.

Luffy vs Katakuri (One Piece)

Luffy vs Katakuri
Luffy vs Katakuri

Do you think the previous fight was already too long? That's because you don't know or remember the fight between Luffy and Katakuri from One Piece. This confrontation is certainly the first among the longest fights in anime and has 22 episodes! 

The fight was full of ups and downs, with both characters doing their best to defeat their opponent. But of course Luffy would find a way to defeat Katakuri, using his incredible Gear 4, once again coming out on top in one of the longest matches of all time. 

The longest fights in anime and their impact on the works

And these are the 9 longest fights in anime! It's really impressive that some anime spend as many episodes on a single fight as a full season of a traditional anime. But what do you think about such long fights?

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