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How to Watch Twilight Movies in Chronological Order: Complete Guide!

Find out how to watch the vampire phenomenon properly!

In 2005, author Stephenie Meyer published Twilight, a book that brought vampires back into the literary spotlight among young people all over the world. Years later, in 2008, the same book was adapted into a live-action film, revolutionizing the film industry and becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Today the saga has come to an end, with four books and five movies in all. But have you ever wondered what the right order is to watch the films in the franchise? We'll explain how to watch Twilight in chronological order.


Scene from the movie Twilight
Scene from the movie Twilight

The first in the order of the Twilight films was released in December 2008 and is responsible for introducing the main characters and the drama they experience. In it, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) moves to a small, rainy town called Forks and ends up meeting the enigmatic Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

At first, the boy refuses to get close to the protagonist, which only arouses her interest even more, but over time, fate practically forces him to be with her until they both find themselves falling madly in love with each other.

But Edward is not like other boys his age. He is, in fact, a vampire and will fight tooth and nail (because he doesn't really have fangs) to keep his beloved away from the dangers of the world of his kind. It's with him that you should start following the list of how to watch Twilight in correct chronological order. The movie is available on Prime Video.

New Moon

Scene from the movie New Moon
Scene from the movie New Moon

The direct sequel to Twilight hit theaters in November 2009 and was an absolute success. Here Edward realizes that he is incapable of protecting his beloved Bella when the danger comes from himself and his own family, so he decides to break up and move away permanently.

Bella is suffering from a deep depression that only eases a little when her best friend Jacob Black (Taylor Launtner) enters the picture. They get close and he ends up falling in love with her, who finds herself confused about her own feelings.

She's mistaken if she thinks that just because Edward is gone, she'll be cut off from the supernatural world. Jacob is no ordinary human either, but a werewolf whose main job is to hunt vampires. Bella now finds herself in the middle of a brutal confrontation between rival species. New Moon is the second in the list explaining how to watch Twilight in chronological order and can also be watched on Prime Video.


Scene from the movie Eclipse
Scene from the movie Eclipse

Released in June 2010, Eclipse depicts the culmination of the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob. Now that the vampire is back, Bella gets a vote to be turned into a vampire after her high school graduation, but Edward has one condition for him to be the one to turn her: marriage.

Bella believes she's too young for such a big step and doesn't accept it at first. And Jacob doesn't seem willing to give up on her so easily either. All this while Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard), whose partner was killed by Edward in the first movie, tries to eliminate Bella to get her personal revenge.

Will an alliance between natural enemies like werewolves and vampires be the solution to keeping Bella safe? All this can be seen in this, the third in the list of how to watch Twilight in correct chronological order, which is also available on Prime Video.

Dawn (part I)

Scene from the movie Breaking Dawn part 1
Scene from the movie Breaking Dawn part 1

Although the order of the books ends with the fourth title, the order of the Twilight films is different. The final part of the saga was split into two parts, the first of which was released in November 2011.

After the end of the threat posed by Victoria, Bella finally agrees to marry Edward so that he can transform her, as long as she can have a honeymoon like any other person who is still human. The problem is that the protagonist ends up pregnant and nothing was known about the creature she was giving birth to.

In the midst of a very destructive pregnancy, Jacob and Edward watch the woman they love wither away to protect their baby while the other members of the Cullen family look for a way to solve this problem. This is the fourth in the list of how to watch Twilight in correct chronological order and, like the others, it can also be found in the Prime Video catalog.

Dawn (part II)

Scene from the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2
Scene from the movie Breaking Dawn Part 2

The conclusion of the saga hit theaters in November 2012. Here Bella is already a vampire, having narrowly survived the birth of her daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy). Everything seems to be in place, except for the fact that the girl is growing abnormally, which raises doubts about her life expectancy.

To make matters worse, a terrible mistake leads the Volturi to meet the Cullen family on an unfriendly mission, which creates the possibility of an imminent war against vampire royalty. It's up to Edward, Bella and the rest of the clan to get as many witnesses as possible before the Volturi arrive, so that they can testify in their favor that no rules have been broken and so that a confrontation can be avoided.

This is the fifth and last on the list of how to watch Twilight in chronological order and is also in the Prime Video catalog.

Even though the saga ended more than ten years ago, Twilight is still very much in the hearts of fans and will still win over many new admirers as the years go by, as well as important titles from the same era such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Are you ready to start your marathon after this list? Don't forget to share your opinion on the franchise with us in the comments! And, of course, check out the nine best movies to watch with the family!

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