The 13 Strongest Pokemons in the Franchise!

Pokemon is an anime inspired by Nintendo games. Find out who the 13 most powerful monsters are.

Dragonite is an adorable first-generation flying dragon who wins everyone over with his sweetness.

Kyogre, the legendary who came out in the 3rd generation, controls oceans and storms, making him an undeniable force. 

At Oshi no Ko Main Characters, Ruby Hoshino She seeks to follow in her late mother's footsteps and become a big pop star. 

Groudon, also from the 3rd generation, shapes continents and controls magma, setting it apart from electric Pokémon. 

Zygarde, Dragon and Earth types, was introduced in the 6th generation, it became known for its serpentine shape and attacking power. 

Palkia, of the 4th generation stands out among the strongest pokemons for its power to create and connect dimensions.

Dialga of like Dragon and Steel, has the ability to travel through time, slow it down and even stop it.

Giratina is known for its connection to natural disasters, raising its reputation as one of the most feared Pokémon. 



Find out which are the 13 strongest Pokemons in the franchise!