Goku vs. Saitama: Who is the strongest? 

Discover the truth about the epic battle between Goku and Saitama, iconic characters from Dragon Ball and One Punch Man. 

Goku's unequaled power 

Goku, the legendary Super Saiyajin, possesses impressive feats of strength, such as lifting up to 800,000 tons. Can Saitama compete? 

Speed Beyond Imagination 

While Goku can move at the speed of light and even travel between universes with his teleport, Saitama is still one step behind. 

Super Saiyajin and their transformations 

Goku has powerful transformations, like Super Saiyajin 1 (x50), Super Saiyajin Blue (unknown). Saitama has no transformations. Goku outperforms Saitama.

An aircraft carrier in Saitama's hands 

Saitama can carry a military aircraft carrier, but his power is far below Goku's incredible strength. The numbers don't lie. 

Saitama's speed 

Although Saitama is fast, his speed does not match Goku's ability to move at the speed of light. Goku is unbeatable.

Comparison of feats of strength

Goku demonstrates incredible strength, lifting up to 800,000 tons. Saitama, on the other hand, carries an aircraft carrier of 100,000 tons. 

Saitama's Challenge 

Saitama can defeat any enemy with a single punch, but Goku faces destructive challenges and constantly evolves to become even more powerful. 

Goku: The True Warrior 

Goku's journey in search of power makes him unstoppable. Saitama may be strong, but Goku is the true warrior who never stops evolving. 

Fan Debate 

Goku or Saitama, who is the more powerful? Passion and fervent arguments arise. Fans highlight Goku's strength and Saitama's unbeatable punch. 



Find out who is stronger, Goku or Saitama?