Jujutsu Kaisen

Check out the best fights that marked the anime.

Jujutsu Kaisen fights have won the hearts of fans around the world for being legendary. Discover the 10 most impactful here! 

Maki surprises in a fight against Miwa, unarmed and determined. A true test of physical strength and strategy.

The meeting of Sukuna and Gojo, is a brief battle that reveals the impressive power of both characters.  

At Oshi no Ko Main Characters, Ruby Hoshino She seeks to follow in her late mother's footsteps and become a big pop star. 

Nanami takes on Mahito, highlighting the quality of the animation and the intensity of the blows in an exceptional confrontation.    

Panda and Mechamaru reveal their identities in an epic confrontationa non-human being and a remote-controlled robot.

Maki excels in a family dramaproving his strength against Sister Mai without relying on cursed energy.

Todou and Itadori join forces against Hanami, showing friendship, strategy and action.



Discover the 10 Best Kaisen Jujutsu Fights: