By Afonso Alves

Dragon Ball and its entire franchise form one of the most watched shounen anime of all time! From fights, unforgettable heroes and evil villains who want to put an end to the Earth. But do you know which are the Best Dragon Ball Villains? 



Besides being the founder of RR, he is also the responsible and creator of all the Androids we know in Dragon Ball Z. Not only did he create Androids, but he turned himself into Android 20, a new version of him that is not afraid of anything!


Babidi is ahead of Dr. Gero for the evil creature he aided. Who doesn't remember the breaking of the cocoon of one of the strongest beings of all: Majin Boo! Babidi created one of the most remembered Sagas in the series, even if he's not as good as the other villains. 


Despite being on the side of the Z Warriors these days, Vegeta couldn't be left out of our list, right? Despite his arrogance, at least now he cares about the lives of his allies, unlike when he was a villain.


Piccolo Daimaoh was a fundamental villain for the history of Dragon Ball, since it was from him that we had the beginning of the dynamic between "strongest villain and hero having to overcome his limits". He was the first antagonist in the franchise who showed an interest in destroying planet Earth. 

ANDROIDES 17 and 18

Androids 17 and 18 are some of Dragon Ball's Best Villains as they were the first antagonists who managed to achieve the main goal of most: the complete destruction of humanity! The brothers were extremely powerful, giving a lot of trouble to the entire team of the Z Warriors!

Cell is one of the most hated characters by Akira Toriyama, who revealed that he disliked the alien because he was difficult to draw, as he has numerous details along his body. Cell had the ability to produce clones of himself, capable of absorbing the Z Warriors. 


Zamasu was a divine being who decided to be as powerful as Goku, after watching his performance in the Tournament of Power, and turned into a very dangerous villain. He created a new threat among the Z Warriors, forcing the group to increase their power levels to deal with him and Goku Black. 


Broly is simply the Legendary Super Saiyan, a warrior who appears every thousand years and becomes the most powerful of his race. He was able to not only take on Goku, Vegeta and Golden Cell, but to do so at virtually the same time. 


Boo doesn't just have one form - like many Dragon Ball characters - having several transformations that dramatically increase his power and threat level! Kid Boo was evil incarnate for not caring about anything or anyone.




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