Luffy In One Piece

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Throughout his journeyLuffy goes through incredible changes. Are you ready to discover his evolution over the course of a thousand episodes? 

Luffy started with Gomu Gomu no Mi, getting a rubber body and versatile combat skills. 

Gear 2The second transformation boosts blood circulation, increasing its power and generating smoke. 

At Oshi no Ko Main Characters, Ruby Hoshino She seeks to follow in her late mother's footsteps and become a big pop star. 

In battleLuffy inflates the bones with Gear 3, intensifying his attacks, despite the collective effects that fade over time.

Nightmare Luffy, appears in Thriller Bark, by absorbing 100 shadows, to defeat Oars and Gecho.

Luffy reveals the Tankman, Gear 4 variationFilling the body with air, achieving extreme resistance.

At Gear 4 BouncemanLuffy inflates his muscles and uses weapons Haki, gaining speed and the ability to "fly". 



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